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Nancy Smith

Assistant Professor


Nancy’s primary research is focused on understanding the relationship between digital technologies and the environment, which includes work in sustainability, environmental justice, animal-computer interaction, and speculative design. She also studies food technology, urban informatics, and digital storytelling. All of her research and teaching bridges practice and theory and she is interested in making connections between design/technology and the broader culture in which it is situated. She has been a practicing designer for over a decade in both print and interaction design, and particularly loves editorial design. She works with Inclusive Ecologies, a research and design group at Pratt, and also participates in the New York Climate Exchange.

Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction Design, Indiana University
M.F.A. in Creative Writing, University of San Francisco
M.A. in Media Studies, The New School
B.A. in Philosophy, Seattle University

Smith, Nancy. “Data Quilts: Exploring Environmental Data Through Textile Art,” in Our Environment (Vol 2), Data Science by Design, University of California Press, May 2023.

Smith, Nancy. “Smart Bee Houses: Designing to Support Urban Pollination” in ACI ‘21 Proceedings of the 8th Annual ACM Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction. ACM, 2021.

Smith, Nancy and Danial Qaurooni. “The Inclusion Zone: Grounded Speculations in Chernobyl” in Proceedings of the ‘20 Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) Conference. ACM, 2020.