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Credit Study Abroad

You are invited to join us at one of our upcoming virtual information sessions about this new study abroad course. Please visit the Eventbrite Pratt SCPS page or contact Professor Maria Sieira at to find out about the next virtual open session.

Iberian Art and Design: Interdisciplinary Studies in Portugal and Spain (Lecture)

ADCA-400 (Undergraduate Level) ORADCA-800 (Graduate Level)

This interdisciplinary course fosters firsthand engagement with the art and design of the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) at multiple scales, from tile patterns to art installations and from handrail details to urban interventions. A general introduction to Iberian art and design leads to on-site learning in the northwest region of the peninsula, one anchored by the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela and the Portuguese City of Porto. This southwest corner of Europe was the “finis terrae” or “end of the earth” of the Roman Empire and still maintains ancient festival and food traditions that, together with breathtaking landscapes, provide a culturally rich backdrop for the course. The region is also home to some of the most forward-thinking contemporary art and design work that emerged with might and main after dictatorships that lasted most of the twentieth century, providing students the opportunity to study the work of modern artists and designers in a socio-political context. Art and design students have the opportunity to do interdisciplinary work in a region of Europe where the very old and the very new meet in remarkable ways. All students conclude their coursework with a recorded presentation of the documentation of sites visited. Graduate students also submit a critical essay based on research of one of the artworks, designs, and/or readings covered in the course.


  1. The times indicated below refer to class times during the first three weeks abroad; there will also be additional time spent as a group on some afternoons and evenings for local site visits and events during the first three weeks abroad. For further questions on this study abroad course, please contact Professor Maria Sieira at
  2. Additional Estimated Student Travel Costs:Accommodations and Local Field Trips Package: $2,900 (payable to Pratt Institute upon course registration)Health Insurance Cost: $xx (payable to Pratt Institute upon course registration)Round trip flight estimated at $900 (payable to Pratt Institute upon course registration)Meals Estimated at $90 Per Diem for 17 Days, Totaling $1,530 (to be arranged by the student)

INSTRUCTOR: MARIA SIEIRASummer Session 2:   ADCA-400-01 | T-W-TH | JULY 5—22, 2022: STUDY ABROAD   IN PORTUGAL AND SPAIN: AND JULY 26—27, 2022:    VIRTUAL INDEPENDENT STUDY | 11 AM—2 PM | 3credits |  COURSE TUITION: $5,184; PLUS REGISTRATION FEE: $50    (Non-Refundable) ADCA-800-01 | T-W-TH | JULY 5—22, 2022: STUDY ABROAD   IN PORTUGAL AND SPAIN: AND JULY 26—27, 2022:    VIRTUAL INDEPENDENT STUDY | 11 AM—2 PM | 3credits | COURSE TUITION: $5,736; PLUS REGISTRATION FEE: $50 (Non-Refundable)


To register for the Iberian Art and Design: Interdisciplinary Studies in Portugal and Spain, visit Credit Registration, Deadlines, Tuition and Fees.

Registration Deadline for the Iberian Study Abroad Course: June 1st

Early registration is encouraged to secure your seat in the course. After the deadline, students may be admitted if space remains.

More questions? Contact Professor Maria Sieira at

Images Courtesy of Maria Sieira