Graduate Fine Arts Exhibition view
Graduate Fine Arts 2018, installation view, photo by Madison Burger.

The Schafler Gallery presents exhibitions by Pratt Institute faculty, students, and alumni from all departments. The gallery favors cross-disciplinary topics that reveal how ideas and issues affect our lives from many different perspectives, and provides an open forum for the presentation and discussion of contemporary culture. 

Pratt Institute
Chemistry Building, 1st Floor
200 Willoughby Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11205


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Current Exhibition


Yours Truly 
April 20-May 3, 2021

Hours: M-F, 12-2 pm for Campus Community Only
(Closed Tuesday, April 27th for Final Critiques)

Including: Mavet Arellano, Colette Bernard, Whitney Davis, Ev Jensen, Rebecca Johnson, Lex Laneuville, Mia McCormick, Mika Rathi, Shane Sollender, and Natalie Van Oyen.

Recent Exhibition

Foundation Department Exhibition

On View: January 21–March 11, 2020
Opening Reception: January 28, 5–7 PM

Featuring works from:

Lucas Albrecht
Luis Alonso
Todd Ayoung
Brian Brooks
Kye Carbone
Amelia Carley
Megan Cash
Pier Luigi Consagra
Maria de Los Angeles
Carol Diamond
Sandra Erbacher
Iona Fromboluti
Yechiam Gal
Derek Haffar
Faith Holland
Jackie Hoving
Elise Kaufman
Sophia Kayafas
Andrew Lenaghan
James Lipovac
Dik Liu
Jennifer Logun
JJ Manford
Jenny Lynn McNutt
Natalie Moore
Martina Mrongovius
Sung Ha No
Matthew Northridge
Jonathan Peck
Reeva Potoff
Andrew Prayzner
Birgit Rathsmann
Leslie Roberts
Scott Robinson
Julia Shinay
Kim Sloane
Micki Watanabe Spiller
Corinne Ulmann
Beth Warshafsky
Patrick Webb
Rebecca Welz
Andrew Wilhelm
Scott Williams
Douglas Wirls
Christopher Wynter
Alice Zinnes

Organized by the Pratt Institute Exhibitions Department.

Poster for the Foundation Department Exhibition at The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery.