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Pratt Manhattan Gallery

From Forces to Forms, installation view, photo by Jason Mandella Photography

Pratt Manhattan Gallery supports the educational goals of Pratt Institute by presenting exhibitions that reflect the interdisciplinary, research- and inquiry-based education that prepares Pratt students for success in creative fields and professional practice.

144 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011 

Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 AM – 6 PM

The Pratt Manhattan Gallery is closed on Sundays and the following building holidays in 2022-23:

November 24-26, 2022 (Thanksgiving)
December 23, 2022–January 2, 2023 (Winter Break)
January 16, 2023 (Martin Luther King)
May 29, 2023 (Memorial Day)
July 4, 2023 (Independence Day)
September 4, 2023 (Labor Day)
November 23-25, 2023 (Thanksgiving)
December 25, 2023–January 1, 2024 (Winter Break)


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Upcoming Exhibition

sclupture, on plexiglass surface, with a light shining on the object from above
Jingge Zhang, Untitled, 2024, laser print transferred to packing tape on Plexiglas, 20 x 15 inches. Courtesy of the artist

To Live in the Imagination
Pratt Photography MFA Alumni Exhibition

Organized by Sara VanDerBeek

June 28 – August 31, 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 27, 2024, 6-8pm

To live in the imagination, as an artist in the 21st century, is a dream and an imperative. In this time of increased imaging and rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, how do artists working with photography continue to imagine, experiment, and explore this essential form of communication?

Organized as a conversation between seven 2021–2023 alumni of Pratt Institute’s nascent Photography MFA program and a selection of singular works by the six graduates of the class of 2024, To Live in the Imagination presents a continuum of practices from an evolving cohort of artists in dialogue across disciplines, sites, and experiences. Existential essentials—such as memory, landscape, home, family, and the body—are shared subjects of inquiry and exploration among many of the included artists, while others address the shifting field of photographic representation. Throughout the exhibition, care and criticality are of equal importance.

Stephanie Espinoza
Rachel Handlin
Katharina Kiefert
Ethan Li
Megan Mack in collaboration with Abby Waters
Kristina Naso
Chloe Scout Nix
Erin O’Flynn
Jan Rattia
Kunwar Prithvi Singh Rathore
Lena Smart
Baillie Vensel
Jingge Zhang

Current Exhibition

oil and ink on wood panel, with numbers in boxes, that stack as bricks in a pyramid
Xylor Jane, “Untitled (25 Nesting Prime Palindromes),” 2022, oil and ink on wood panel, 39 x 41 inches. Courtesy of the artist and CANADA, New York

The Apex Is Nothing

Curated by Ken Weathersby and John O’Connor

April 5–June 8, 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 4, 6–8 pm

Learn more about the exhibition through the Exhibition Catalogue and the Virtual Tour.

This exhibition was inspired by Alfred Jensen, whose paintings and drawings maintain a center of energy between abstract form and an array of idea structures. Jensen’s thinking was shaped by his deep interest in realities outside of the strict visual concerns of painting or drawing, such as philosophy, physics, mathematics, and calendrical time. The other featured artists in The Apex Is Nothing similarly draw upon diverse systems, including statistical data, language and text, and mapped social or political matrices.

Featured Artists: 
Mel Bochner
Becky Brown
Mike Cloud
Charles Gaines
Xylor Jane
Steffani Jemison
Alfred Jensen
Ellen Lesperance
Chris Martin
John O’Connor
Bruce Pearson
Leslie Roberts
Jorinde Voigt
Melvin Way
George Widener

Recent Exhibitions

clothing hanging, in a closet
Camilla Carper, Inside Out Closet 3, 2024, mixed media, 60 x 60 x 96 inches. Photo by Daniel Terna.

The New Village: Ten Years of New York Fashion

Curated by Jennifer Minniti, Chair, Fashion, and Matthew Linde, Ph.D.

January 22 – March 16, 2024
Public Reception: Thursday, February 8, 2024, from 6-8pm

Learn more about the exhibition through the Exhibition Catalogue and the Virtual Tour.

The New Village: Ten Years of New York Fashion focuses on a scene of artists and fashion designers from the past ten years who have, in niche ways, re-established New York as a site for experimental fashion. By understanding the commercialism that has traditionally defined New York’s fashion industry, this exhibition points to an alternative history and suggests how an amorphous group of practitioners reshaped the fashion capital from the fringes.

Bernadette Corporation x Supreme
Camilla Carper
Susan Cianciolo
Eckhaus Latta
Gauntlett Cheng
Giovanna Flores
Lou Dallas
Jessi Reaves
Section 8
Beverly Semmes + CarWash Collective
Martine Syms
Elena Velez
Women’s History Museum

boat with straw roof, coasting on river or lake, black and white image, water is very reflective, showing the boat and the sky
João Musa, Amazônia 1975, 1975/2023, Inkjet print on cotton paper from digitized 35mm black and white analogue negatives, 20 photographs, 16 ½ x 23 ⅜ inches each, Courtesy of the artist and Luciana Brito Galeria, São Paulo


Berta Sichel, Curator
Patricia Capa, Assistant Curator

September 29 – December 9, 2023
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 28, 6-8pm

Learn more about the exhibition through the Exhibition Catalogue and the Virtual Tour.

Amazonia builds on the premise that addressing environmental challenges requires both ecological knowledge and cultural articulation. Drawing inspiration from Greg Garrad’s book “Ecocriticism,” which offers critical insights into diverse perspectives on the natural environment, curator Berta Sichel and Patricia Capa, assistant curator, have crafted an engaging and thought-provoking experience that invites viewers to contemplate the complex relationship between humanity and nature.

Exhibiting Artists:

Javier Andrada, Claudia Andujar, Barbara Brändli, Federico Guzmán and Andrés Corredor, KIMIKA, Margaret Mee / Malu De Martino, Susana Mejía, Simone Michelin, João Musa, pablo sanz, and Sergio Vega

a mostly greyscale painting, depicting a view from inside of a room, with the ground submerged in water, with the front wall door open slightly, showing the scene outside of the room, with a white wall and submerged water
Samantha Morris (MFA, Fine Arts, 2022), Lagoon, 2018, oil on panel, 48 x 36 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

There is a Certain Slant of Light

Curated by Seph Rodney
June 21 – September 6, 2023
Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 20, 6-8pm

Learn more about the exhibition through the Exhibition Catalogue and the Virtual Tour.

Kate Butler, Guanqi Chen, Katie Croft, Naomi Frank, Devin B. Johnson, Kosuke Kawahara, Hiu Ching Leung, Weijia Lizzy Li, Katelynn Mai-Fusco, Samantha Morris, Jean Oh, Natalia Petkov, Rob Redding, and Erik Wangsvick

This exhibition explores the poetic use of light in painting, photography, and multimedia artworks. The selected artwork encourages viewers to appreciate the meaning and significance of light and to allow luminescence into their lives. The exhibition showcases a talented and diverse group of Pratt alumni, all of whom earned an M.F.A. in Fine Arts between 2018 and 2022.

Seph Rodney, PhD, is a former senior critic and opinion editor for Hyperallergic. He has written for The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and other publications. He is featured on the podcast The American Age. His book, The Personalization of the Museum Visit, was published by Routledge in 2019. In 2020 he won the Rabkin Arts Journalism Prize. In 2022 he won the Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. 

a picture of a car with a man standing in front of it
John Cafaro working on GM-80 next gen Firebird Full Size tape drawing 1984-1985

Driving Creative: Pratt Institute, General Motors, and the Foundation of Industrial Design

On view: April 5-May 20, 2023

Learn more about the exhibition through the Exhibition Brochure and Virtual Tour.

This exhibition highlights the enormously talented designers and sculptors, trained by Pratt and hired by General Motors Design, whose creative vision shaped the look of American life in the twentieth century, and the natural relationship formed between these two organizations in the 1940s that would result in an unimagined creative output that continues today.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with General Motors, Pratt Exhibitions, and Institutional Advancement.

Image still from Bodyless, 2019, virtual reality installation, 28:00 minutes

Hsin-Chien Huang: The Data We Called Home

Curated by Professor Linda Lauro-Lazin, assistant chair, Department of Digital Arts

Opening reception: Thursday, September 22, 6-8 PM

On View: September 23, 2022 –  March 4, 2023

Real 2.0: Artists Discuss Immersive Art in the Virtual Landscape

Barbara London moderates an expansive conversation on how artists have appropriated the medium of virtual reality to create immersive artworks. 

Alongside moderator Barbara London, panelists including Mattia Casalegno, Hsin-Chien Haung (via Zoom), and  Rachel Rossin discuss the intersections of virtual reality, technology, body, mind, and art.

The panel Real 2.0 was recorded on January 30, 6:30pm (ET), in Room 201 at Pratt Institute on 144 West 14th Street.

Exhibition Catalog 

Learn more about the exhibition through the Exhibition Catalog and Virtual Tour.

Pratt Manhattan Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition showcasing the work of multi-disciplinary artist Hsin-Chien Huang. The show opens on September 23, 2022 in Pratt Institute’s newly renovated gallery space at 144 W 14th Street in Chelsea.

Curated by Linda Lauro-Lazin (Pratt Institute’s Assistant Chairperson of Digital Arts, Adjunct Professor), Hsin-Chien Huang: The Data We Called Home is the artist’s first New York City solo show. The exhibition will remap Taiwanese folklore, the ethics of digital surveillance, space exploration and the body-mind dichotomy across different media, and will feature a seminal collaboration with artist Laurie Anderson.

The exhibition will highlight the broad scope of Huang’s complex body of work, featuring virtual reality films, sculptures, and videos that present new perspectives on the immersive possibilities of mixed media art practices.

Special thanks to the Taiwan Ministry of Culture; Taiwan Creative Content Agency; National Taiwan Normal University; Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government; Kaohsiung Film Archive; and Fou Gallery, Brooklyn, NY for supporting the artist

VR hardware support provided by VIVE Studios and VIVE Arts

Artist Bio:

The artist considers stories to be guides for reimagining his life. At the age of 4, Huang lost sight in his right eye. At 14, the cornea from a donor in Sri Lanka brought light back to the eye that had been veiled for a decade. Ever since then, the world he sees is in part through the eye of this unknown deceased person. This experience was extremely enlightening for the artist: life and flesh now seem interchangeable. His corporeal flesh no longer belonged to him; instead, it transformed into a mysterious vessel where one rests temporarily. After he came of age, he registered as an organ donor and imagined how the cornea in his right eye may continue its journey to another one’s body, continuing its gaze upon the world after his death.

Huang brilliantly draws upon this sense of enlightenment to interpret stories through large-scale interactions between performance, mechanical apparatuses, algorithmic computations, and video installations that also reference history, and point to a greater potential for humanity. He is also committed to interdisciplinary STEAM education as a distinguished professor at the Department of Design, National Taiwan Normal University.

In recent years, Huang’s revolutionary VR works have attracted international attention and won a variety of awards. His VR film Chalkroom, made in collaboration with Laurie Anderson, won the Best VR Experience Award at the 74th Venice Film Festival in 2017. Bodyless won an Honorable Mention at the 2020 Ars Electronica Festival and the Golden Mask at the Newimages Festival in Paris. His new work Samsara won the Jury Award at the Texas SXSW Festival in the United States, Grand Prize for the Best VR Narrative at the Cannes Film Festival XR category and Honorary Mention in the Computer Animation category at Prix Ars Electronica.

The Work of Love, the Queer of Labor

Curated by Olga Kopenkina

On View: June 24-August 20, 2022

Opening Reception: Thursday June 23, 6-8 PM

Learn more about the exhibition through the Exhibition Brochure and Virtual Tour.

“The Work of Love, the Queer of Labor” is an exhibition of drawing, photography, video, posters, and installations that explores both historical and imagined connections between queer and left activism. By reviewing queer identities from the class perspective, and class identities ––through queer sensibilities, the artists in the show rediscover political potentialities within today’s LGBTQI+ cultural paradigm(s). The exhibition also links today’s queer activism to the history of gay and lesbian liberation movements, which entertained the faith that people can build a self-regulating worker’s society by liberating both love and labor––in opposition to a commodified and exploited homosexual body.  The artists included in the show come from diverse geographic locations and historical backgrounds, such as South Africa, Russia, Estonia, USA, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Canada.

Exhibiting artists: Angela Beallor, Daughters of Bilitis/Kay Lahusen, Dyke Action Machine!, Yevgeniy Fiks, Gay Liberation Front/Peter Hujar, Hugo Gellert, Noam Gonick, Hagra, Harry Hay, William E. Jones, German Lavrovsky, Erik Moskowitz + Amanda Trager, Zanele Muholi, Jaanus Samma, Aliza Shvarts, Werker Collective + Georgy Mamedov, and Yes! Association/Föreningen JA!

Image credit:
Noam Gonick, 1919, 1997, 35 mm film (8:25 min) transferred to digital, single-channel video
Photo credit: Szu Burgess
Courtesy of the artist

(Left) Na’ye Perez, Laugh Now Cry Later, 2021. Acrylic, spray paint, swishers, backwoods, MTA cards, newsprint, plastic packaging, gel transfers on canvas, 50 x 54 inches. Courtesy of the artist and REGULARNORMAL. (Right) Jackie Slanley, guards 1, 2022. Plexiglass and hardware, 17 x 11 x 3 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Chromotherapy in an Age of Doubt

Fine Arts MFA Alumni 2020 Exhibition
May 17 – June 4, 2022
Visit the exhibition virtually!

Opening Reception May 16, 6 – 8 PM
Registration required (Pratt Community and Guests)
Registration to vist May 17-June 4, 2022

Curated by Yasmeen Siddiqui 

By default, and by design, we bring together a wildly diverse selection of works by artists who completed the Graduate Fine Arts program at Pratt Institute in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. They have gone on to forge pathways that surprise in our era. For today, their works are cast as a colorful array to remind us of what it is to move in a space where light and color are beyond our control. 

Participating Artists:

Hannah Celli
Jin Yong Choi
Katie Croft
Ambrus Gero
Evelyn Golden
Spencer Harris
Jennifer Chia-Ling Ho
Dasol Hong
Rodrigo Jimenez-Ortega
Kosuke Kawahara
Kunyi Lin
Josh Meillier
Emmett Metier
Duff Norris
So Ye Oh
Yaw Owusu
Amber Peck
Na’ye Perez
Cass L Rinsler
Robert Scherier
Jackie Slanley
Allie Stabile
Caito Stewart
Talia Tamar
Alyssa Thornton
Chao Wang
Angelica Yudasto
Meirav Zaks Zilberman

Image Credit: 
(Left) Na’ye Perez, Laugh Now Cry Later, 2021. Acrylic, spray paint, swishers, backwoods, MTA cards, newsprint, plastic packaging, gel transfers on canvas, 50 x 54 inches. Courtesy of the artist and REGULARNORMAL. 
(Right) Jackie Slanley, guards 1, 2022. Plexiglass and hardware, 17 x 11 x 3 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Visit the gallery now virtually to view the current exhibition, and access the digital exhibition brochure here.

From Forces to Forms

Curated by Ellen K. Levy
February 1 – April 27, 2022

David Rothenberg: UNDERSOUND

April 14, 6 – 8 PM; Performance will begin at 6:30 PM

Join us for a musical performance by David Rothenberg, jazz clarinetist, and composer, in conjunction with the exhibition.

Register to attend (for Campus Guests).

The performance will be streamed live on Instagram @prattexhibits

From Forces to Forms Talk Series; in collaboration with UCLA Art|Sci Center, Saturday’s April 2, 9, and 16. More information to attend the online talk HERE

Zoom Panel Discussion
February 15, 6PM EST
Art Today: New Growth, New Form at Pratt Manhattan Gallery, moderated by Ellen K. Levy & Patricia Olynyk, with science writer Philip Ball, chemist Bart Kahr, artist Ursula Endlicher. Organized in collaboration with NY LASER talks. 

To view the video from the talk, visit: Art Today: New Growth, New Form at Pratt Manhattan Gallery

Presented at Pratt Institute’s Manhattan Gallery and curated by Ellen K. Levy, a multimedia artist, scholar, and past president of the College Art Association, “From Forces to Forms” explores the nature of form by engaging with the potent forces and processes of nature. By investigating how physical laws shape living and nonliving forms alike — ideas first proposed by D’ Arcy Thompson in his classic tome “On Growth and Form” (1917) — the exhibition explores universal principles of organismic development while delving into the flux and perturbations that characterize life today.

Reflecting Pratt Institute’s commitment to interdisciplinarity, “From Forces to Forms” features works by 19 artists and designers whose practices draw from both art and science and articulate a shared commitment to creating a more sustainable world. These works consider the implications of form generation through a variety of media (from analog to digital), at different scales (from subatomic to macroscopic), and in varied contexts (from prebiotic to ecosystems). 

C-print, face-mounted to plexiglass and back-mounted to aluminum
Tauba Auerbach, Heat Current I, 2020.   C-print, face-mounted to plexiglass and back-mounted to aluminum, 25 1/2 x 36 in. (64.8 x 91.4 cm). © Tauba Auerbach. Courtesy STANDARD (OSLO) and Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. Photo: Lance Brewe

Including Artists:

Ricci Albenda
Gemma Anderson
Tauba Auerbach
Lillian Ball
Adam Brown and Robert Root-Bernstein
Marta de Menezes and María Antonia González Valerio
Janet Echelman
Ursula Endlicher
María Elena González
Haresh Lalvani
William Lamson
Oliver Laric
Christy Rupp
Todd Siler
Paul Thomas
Meredith Tromble
Victoria Vesna

@prattexhibits #FromForcestoForms

This project was made possible in part by Pratt Institute’s STEAMplant Initiative.

Image of the From Forces to Forms gallery space.
From Forces to Forms, installation views, photos by Jason Mandella Photography
From Forces to Forms gallery sculptures.
From Forces to Forms, installation views, photos by Jason Mandella Photography
From Forces to Forms gallery sculptures.
From Forces to Forms, installation views, photos by Jason Mandella Photography

2021 Film/Video Senior Showcase and Community Quilt, Fashion Class of 2021

Pratt Institute Fashion Department: Windows (exterior) and Front Gallery
Pratt Institute Film/Video Department: West Gallery

Windows (exterior) and Front Gallery
Fashion credit: Samara Huggins, Installation view
Film image shown in the West Gallery
Film image credit: Yajarrah Paul, UNO: Secret Little Recipes, film still

Community Quilt, Fashion Class of 2021
July – October 2021

Community Quilt celebrates the Pratt Fashion Department Class of 2021 and highlights three recent graduates, Samara HugginsKeyin Wang, and Miray Atakan from July – October 2021. Starting August 30, 2021, Miray Atakan’s work is featured in the Windows; Keyin Wang’s work is featured inside the gallery; Samara Huggins work is featured at the Brooklyn main campus, in the Fashion Department display. 

The film Community Quilt on view represents a virtual coming together and celebration of the work of Pratt Fashion seniors who continued their final year of studies with the challenges of virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Including: Jillian Arzoomanian, Miray Atakan, Sabrina Brokenborough, Jasmine Bryant, Zimu Cai, Abby Chen, Yuhan Chen, Tamara Cohas, Lara Darling, Elizabeth Difiglia, Alyssa Domenico, Marissa Giordano, Erin Hayes, Junyang He, Samara Huggins, Sarah Howland, Emilia Kaplan, Caroline King, Katrine Kirsebom, Matina Kulusic, Ieok Kio Lam, Xinyu Mao, Madelen Nyau, Dong Hyun Oh, Xue Pan, Yixin Ren, Sophia Simonds, Leihan Tang, Bettina Wagner, Keyin Wang, Yutong Wang, Songlan Wu, Jiajie Xu, Wen Xu, Ziling Xu, Xinyao Ye, Hanxiao Zhang, Vicky Zhou, and Zikun Zhu.

2021 Film/Video Senior Showcase
August 30th – October 2021

On view for the first time altogether, Pratt Manhattan Gallery presents the 39 film/video projects from the 2021 Film/Video graduates. 

Including Directors: Jianhao An, Tamia Bailey, Fiona Bailey, William Bermudez, Thos Brown, Aaron Buckley, Mylo Butler, Amos Chiu, Gianna Cullen, Justin Dorazio, Ben Ettlinger, Matthew Francescani, Sam Friedman, Caden Ghen, Kelley Grade, Alexander Hashim, Abraham Howard, Griffin Kaiser, German Kuzyura, Erika Larson, Calyssa Lavery, Trevor Legeret, Alex Leombruno, Matt Loudon, Shannon Jo Lyons, Nicole Majewski, Begum Malkoclar, James Orr, Yajarrah Paul, Cole Raser, Rego, Mia Russell, Vinny Sacchetti, Yessenia Sánchez, Jake Schwartz, Allison Sirota, Adam Sosnicki, Katrin Spiridonova, and Peter Steininger.

Political Intimacy

Exhibition on View at Pratt Manhattan Gallery Window

Pratt Fine Arts, Civic Engagement Series

On view April 29 – June 22, 2021

Program Launch on April 29th at 7pm, Online

Poster announcing the Political Intimacy event.

A collaboration with Recess: Assembly artists and peer leaders Saint Forza, Tyra Gibbs, Princess Kelly, Geremia Romain, and Darrell Santana. 

Curated by Amy Khoshbin, Fine Arts Civic Engagement Fellow, with Brooklyn Engaged:  Erin Benard, Taylor Dean, Alexis Laneuville, Malena Ramsey, and Zichen Oliver Yuan.

Participating Candidates & Representatives: Erik Bottcher, Jabari Brisport, Phara Souffrant Forrest, Michael Hollingsworth, Crystal Hudson, Kristin Richardson Jordan, Paperboy Prince, and Jumaane Williams.

Artists on View: The Brothers Sick (Ezra and Noah Benus), Elektra KB, Ellen Coleman Izzo, Sarah Kanu, Olek, Paperboy Prince, Steve Powers, and Matisse Robinson.

Political Intimacy demystifies and humanizes the process of running for local office through a series of video interviews between local political candidates and representatives, Recess: Assembly participants, and Pratt Institute students. An aligned exhibition at Pratt Manhattan Gallery also tackles questions regarding some of the most pressing issues at the citywide level. 

For more information, click here.

Thank you to the Pratt Studio in Social Practice students, Pratt Electoral Working Group, Recess Art, and NYPIRG.

Wish We Were Here

The Department of Digital Arts presents recent projects by M.F.A. graduates.

On View: March 9 – April 7, 2021

Including Jack DiLaura, Suzi Hyun, Sumin Lee, Zoe Li, Tong Lin, Noth (Qinyuan) Liu, MK Luff, Ofer Shouval, Mohit Shukla, and Jake Wright. 

A photograph of a digital sculpture worn as a VR headset and with images on outer screens.
Jake Wright, Identity Mask, 2020. Interactive Sculpture/Wearable
Wish We Were Here gallery pieces with a faded film image combined with a series of black suclptures.
Zoe Li, Comb Machine: The Regulation of Hair, 2020, mixed media

Wish We Were Here is a group exhibition by recent Digital Arts MFA alumni separated by the pandemic. This exhibition creates experiences that provide audiences agency to explore critical issues in this unique moment in time. The artwork in this exhibition demonstrates a nuanced understanding by these artists of interactive installations and objects, digital images, video, animation, and digital mixed media. We are proud of the accomplishments of this group and of all our Digital Arts alumni whose work can be found featured in important publications, collections, galleries, museums, and new media institutions.”

Peter Patchen, Chair Digital Arts and Animation

While we remain closed to the public, many of the works can be seen from the street! A free exhibition brochure will be published this spring and posted on this website.

New Old: Designing for our Future Selves

February 7–May 23, 2020
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 6, 6–8 PM

In Conversation: Jeremy Myerson, Helen Hamlyn Professor of Design
Royal College of Art with Pattie Moore, designer, and author of “Disguised a True Story”

Friday, February 7, 5–7 PM
Room 213 adjacent to the gallery

To download the free Pratt Manhattan Gallery exhibition brochure, click here.

NEW OLD examines how innovation and design can reimagine how we live the later stages of our lives. Set against a backdrop of radical demographic change, the exhibition looks at how design can help people lead fuller, healthier, and more rewarding lives into old age, asking the question: how can designers meet the challenge of a rapidly aging society? From robotic clothing to driverless cars, this exhibition rethinks design approaches to aging.

Curated by Jeremy Myerson, Helen Hamlyn Professor of Design at the Royal College of Art, the exhibition presents creative, provocative, and engaging concept designs across six themes: Ageing, Identity, Home, Community, Working, and Mobility.

Alongside infographics, videos and existing physical exhibits, each section features a special design commission by a leading designer or design team. New projects by Yves Béhar /Fuseproject and Superflex, Konstantin Grcic, Future Facility, Special Projects, IDEO, and PriestmanGoode create solutions for demographic change and address the challenges of aging.

This installment is updated with work by five faculty members from Pratt’s School of Design, including Andrea Katz, Karol Murlak, Mitchell Reece, Alex Schweder, and Keena Suh, along with additional US-based projects.

A touring exhibition from the Design Museum, London, in partnership with the Helen Hamlyn Trust. Sponsored by AXA PPP Healthcare with additional support from Versus Arthritis. NEW OLD is sponsored by The Achelis & Bodman Foundation at Pratt Manhattan Gallery.

Aura Power Suit by Yves Béhar, Fuseprojects and Superflex, courtesy The Design Museum, London.
Aura Power Suit by Yves Béhar, Fuseprojects and Superflex, courtesy The Design Museum, London.
Scooter for Life by PriestmanGoode. Photo by Adam Woodward, courtesy The Design Museum, London.