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Adjustments to Fees and Tuition for 2020/21 Academic Year (July 09, 2020)


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Finance and Administration

This letter was edited on August 11th to provide more details about fee reductions if classes switch to 100% remote.

From: VP for Finance and Administration Cathleen Kenny
Date: Thu, Jul 9, 2020
Subject: Adjustments to Fees and Tuition for 2020/21 Academic Year

Dear Pratt Community,

This is a summer of planning like none of us have ever experienced before. While students and their families assess the options available for fall 2020 coursework, the faculty and administration are designing a variety of engaging new formats for delivering a quality Pratt education, through even more effective technology, in the safest and healthiest way for everyone.

While we await further details about the fall semester, Pratt Institute is pleased to announce a reduced tuition and fee structure for the 2020/21 academic year that recognizes the varied modes in which students will experience their Pratt education.


As you may already be aware, to ease the financial challenges families may be facing during the overall pandemic, Pratt’s Board of Trustees has voted to rescind the increases to tuition, room, and board that they had approved in December, freezing tuition, room, and board at 2019/20 rates.


Whether a student chooses to take classes 100 percent remotely, face-to-face, or a combination, plenty of opportunities to engage with faculty and fellow students will be provided.

We recognize, however, that students who choose to study 100 percent remotely online will not have the same access to services as the students who will be on campus. Therefore, in addition to the tuition, room, and board freeze, students who study 100 percent remotely will not be charged the fees typically associated with on-campus living and instruction.

The following chart provides a comparison of the originally approved tuition, fee, room, and board charges for the 2020/21 academic year versus the revised fee structure for 100 percent remote instruction for undergraduate students. In addition to saving on room and board charges, this represents an additional reduction of 7.5 percent.

UndergraduateBoard-approvedBoard approved revision
100% online
 Academic Year 20/21Academic Year 20/21
-Course (average)$200$0
-Student Activity$314$0
Total Tuition & Fees$55,974$51,754
Room (double)$10,000$0
Board (Standard Plan)$4,668$0
Total Room & Board$14,668$0
Total tuition, fees, room & board$70,642$51,754


Pratt’s facilities will be accessible to students who participate in face-to-face instruction this fall. While many of the fees remain the same, the student activity fee, room, and board will be reduced, in addition to the tuition, room, and board freeze described above. This represents a four percent reduction in the cost of attendance for students who will participate in face-to-face instruction.

UndergraduateBoard-approvedBoard approved revision
Resident Student
 Academic Year 20/21Hybrid/Face-to-Face
-Course (average)$200$200
-Student Activity$314$157
Total Tuition & Fees$55,974$53,821
Room (double)$10,000$9,422
Board (Standard Plan)$4,668$4,532
Total Room & Board$14,668$13,954
Total tuition, fees, room & board$70,642$67,775

NOTE: Please read below about further reductions in the event that all teaching and learning must be completed 100% online, as was required in the Spring 2020 semester. *


Similar to costs for undergraduate students, along with the freeze of tuition, room and board to 2019/20 rates, graduate students taking courses 100 percent remotely will not be charged the fees normally associated with on-campus instruction. These changes represent an average savings of approximately eight percent.

Graduate Board-approved 20/21
Academic Year
Board-approved revision
100% online
  School of Information All other Graduate Programs School of Information All other Graduate Programs
Tuition (assumes 24 credits) $37,272 $45,888 $36,000 $44,328
-Facility $700 $700 $0 $0
-Course (average) $200 $200 $0 $0
-Health $400 $400 $0 $0
-Technology $610 $610 $0 $0
-Student Activity $230 $230 $0 $0
Total Tuition & Fees $39,412 $48,028 $36,000 $44,328

Graduate students who elect to take classes in the hybrid or face-to-face format will also receive the benefit of frozen tuition rates, representing a 3.5 percent reduction in the cost of attendance.

NOTE: Please read below about further reductions in the event that all teaching and learning must be completed 100% online, as was required in the Spring 2020 semester. *


If pandemic circumstances require Pratt to close the campus as it did during the Spring 2020 semester and deliver all teaching and learning 100 percent remotely, students enrolled in hybrid courses will receive a prorated refund of fees, based on the above charts for undergraduate and graduate face-to-face and hybrid courses. No other costs (such as travel or off-campus housing) will be covered or reduced.


We encourage students or families who are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic to contact their financial aid counselor for guidance and assistance.

We truly hope that these reductions will help students and their families as they weigh decisions for the 2020/21 academic year. More information about returning to Pratt for the fall is being added daily to the Back to Pratt website. Whether we see one another face-to-face or online this fall, we look forward to helping everyone continue and achieve the Pratt education to which we are all committed.


Cathleen Kenny
Vice President for Finance and Administration