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Hester Street Collaborative for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

SAVI was honored to be part of the CreateNYC team that, through months of community engagement and research, crafted a cultural plan for New York City. Hester Street Collaborative lead the project for the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA), coordinating a consultant team that also included BJH Advisors, HOUSEOFCAKES,  James Lima Planning and Development, and Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts NY.  SAVI carefully researched, crafted, and curated data from a range of public and private sources to understand how New Yorkers access arts and culture. Data sources for analysis and mapping included DCLA, the CreateNYC engagement data (from artists, cultural workers and residents), the Social Impact of the Arts project, consultant team analysis, schools data from NYC DOE, demographic data and various layers from NYC Open Data. SAVI Created over 40 maps and visualizations (including flow maps, charts and a range of graphic options) that distilled the critical concepts down to six map visuals to succinctly communicate the breadth and depth of culture in NYC.

Read the plan here and see more of our maps on the appendix website.

Sara Eichner joined the SAVI team for this project and her contributions are greatly appreciated.


Hester Street Collaborative


Trapa Barua
Jonathan Marable
Sarita Rupan