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We teach students how to transform raw data into compelling stories. In a world dominated by data and visual media, students in many fields need to learn how to create professional maps and data visualizations. 

SAVI supports geographic information systems (GIS) education across Pratt Institute, focusing on design-oriented analytics, visualizations using cutting-edge geospatial technologies, and experiential learning through research. We also place a high priority on initiatives that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the GIS industry. 

If you are a student with GIS-related questions, please feel free to contact If you are an instructor interested in GIS teaching resources or arranging a GIS workshop for your class, please fill out this resource request form

GIS Programs and Courses

SAVI coordinates the Advanced Certificate in Spatial Analysis and Design

  • Graduate-level certificate
  • 12 credits (4 courses over 2+ semesters)
  • Daytime and evening courses
  • Designed for students who want a rigorous graduate program and transferable credit
  • No prior GIS experience required

Example GIS courses offered at Pratt:

INFO 609: Introduction to GIS & Spatial Thinking
INFO 612: Advanced GIS
INFO 614: Programming Interactive Web Maps
INFO 615: Spatial Statistics
LAR 611: Cartography 1: Map Making
LAR 780P: Geospatial Landscapes
PLAN 702A: GIS Fundamentals 
PLAN 702B: Advanced GIS

GIS Learning Resources

SAVI Guide to GIS Tools and Data
A detailed resource guide for GIS software, web mapping tools, code libraries, governmental, commercial, and open source data products, and information about GIS professional organizations.

SAVI Guide to Open Data Sources
A detailed guide to open federal, state, and city-level GIS data sources.

Pratt Library Research Guide on Maps & GIS
Pratt Library’s guide to finding and using maps and other geospatial resources at Pratt and beyond.

Accessing ArcGIS Guide
All Pratt students can request an ArcGIS account by contacting SAVI. Learn how to access ArcGIS on your local computer as well as on Pratt’s campuses.

SAVI Code Library
SAVI’s repository of Python, R, or Javascript tools that might be helpful for spatial analysis.

Other Learning Resources

ArcGIS Tutorial Library

Kaggle Coding Tutorials

Hands On Data Visualization

Mapbox Tutorial Library

QGIS Training Manual