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Faculty Resources

Research Clinic Hours

Signup for time to brainstorm with our research staff in the Provost’s Office on your new ideas, possible funding paths, opportunities for strategic partnerships and more.

Email to tell us what day and time you would like to meet, and send any materials we should read prior to meeting. Please complete as much of the research summary form as you can and include a brief paragraph describing your research idea.

Working on Grant Proposals

With any of the funding opportunities, we ask that you please fill out this form and email it or walk it over to the team at the Research and Strategic Partnerships Office (North 206). This way we can help you work on your proposal (e.g., develop budgets, submit forms) and track your success. The more we know how you are doing, the more we can help you achieve their goals.

IRB Submissions

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Pratt Institute is the regulatory and oversight committee that reviews proposed research studies when human subjects and/or participants are involved in a research project at Pratt Institute. IRB reviews and approves all research that includes human subjects and/or participants conducted at the institute by students, faculty, and staff to ensure that the participants’ rights and welfare are protected. Review and approval ensure that research teams comply with federal and ethical guidelines on human research protections. 

To submit your project for approval, please fill out this Google form. You will also need to attach either the Consent Form for Adults or the Consent Form for Minors depending on the age of your participants. If you are a student conducting research, you need to fill out the Advisor Sponsorship Form. These forms will be attached to the Google form as you complete it. 

Please be advised, you should give at least thirty days for your project to be reviewed. 

Check out our FAQs for any relevant information. If you have any additional questions, please contact


What does IRB mean?

It stands for “Institutional Review Board” which is a review process that is used when people are involved in a research project at Pratt Institute. These people are traditionally referred to as “human subjects” who may try out something you have made. They may be people who are part of a new curriculum you are testing. They are people who may be impacted by your research.

When do I have to submit a proposal to be reviewed?

You need to fill out a form, when it’s possible your research will include and impact other people. Typically, all thesis research, much of faculty research which will be publicly presented/published, and in particular if the people are younger than 18 years old. Forms should be submitted and reviewed before you start your research.

How long typically will it take for my proposal to be reviewed?

One month. Please plan accordingly. If the research is complex, then it will need multiple reviewers and it takes time to get people to help with reviews. If the research is less complex (i.e. has less impact on people) then it is possible to have fewer reviewers and could take less than a month. If it is a revision and re-submission, the review will typically take a much shorter time to re-review. (see #5 below)

If I need an extension to the one-year acceptance, what do I do?

A number of researchers don’t complete the research they expect to within the one-year IRB acceptance. You need to fill out the form again (with the same information you had before) and note it is an extension to a previous IRB proposal (include IRB Acceptance #).

If I have to revise and resubmit, what do I do?

About 50% of the time researchers at Pratt forget to fill out a part of the form, or need to revise some piece of the proposal based on review. You will receive feedback if this is the case through email. Follow what the email suggests for revisions and then resubmit. Many times, these are simple revisions that can be reviewed very quickly. But please give yourself extra time in your planning process.

Commercializing Your Ideas

Pratt’s Office of Research & Strategic Partnerships within the Office of the Provost will, where appropriate and possible, license Intellectual Property to outside organizations for further development and commercialization. Any royalties derived from any such licenses will be shared with the inventor(s) according to Pratt’s Intellectual Property Policy. By submitting this form, you notify Pratt Institute of your Intellectual Property and any relevant sponsorship, related agreements and publication history. Note that “Intellectual Property” is defined within the Pratt Institute Intellectual Property Policy, at the link above.