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Scott Fiaschetti

Visiting Associate Professor


Vice President, Insights & Strategy, Questus, Inc.

As the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Development for Geopath, Scott is responsible for leading the communication of Geopath’s offerings as well as working with members to help them more strategically use the suite of ratings, data and insights that Geopath offers. He is also responsible for leading the outreach, education, and training of Geopath’s new measurement system.
Scott has a diverse background with more than two decades of experience that spans research, strategy, and digital marketing. His experience working for both brands and agencies gives him an understanding of the unique needs of all members. Scott’s work in the digital advertising space will also provide important insight into how consumer behavior is changing due to the proliferation of mobile devices and the attendant impact to advertising.
Prior to joining Geopath, Scott led the Strategy and Analytics practice for Questus, a digital ad agency, as Vice President of Insights and Strategy. He is also a Visiting Associate Professor in Design Management at the Pratt Institute in New York City since 2001.

M.B.A., Syracuse University.
BS., Engineering Clarkson University