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Paul Gorre

Adjunct Instructor


P.J. Gorre is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research that specializes in Phenomenology & Existentialism, the History & Philosophy of Race, and the History & Philosophy of Science. He finishing a dissertation on Frantz Fanon, Jan Patočka, and the problem of Eurocentrism in the history of philosophy. He has held teaching fellowships at The New School (Parsons School for Design and Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts). Aside from his orthodox research and teaching interests, he is working on three projects: (1)  analyzing scientific knowledge’s role in contemporary culture and society through the lens of vaccines; (2) looking at what ‘philosophical anthropology’ can be by reflecting upon popular media representations of monstrosity and abnormality; and (3) thinking at the intersection of theory and design, specifically how each can inform the other towards a more concrete understanding of alternative ways of inhabiting space and interacting with the environment. 

B.A., Villanova University; M.A., Ph.D. candidate, The New School for Social Research.