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Mut Moochi

Visiting Instructor

Associate Degrees
School of Art

before the bio, here’s some things moochi recommends any games person to engage with, a canon per chance:
– The Well Played Game, by Bernie DeKoven
– Metagaming, by Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux
– videogames by gurn group
– spending hours at the courtyard in Mario 64
– playing folk games with a parachute.


mut (/moochi/) is a playful person from Brasil, with a particular interest in bodies (virtual and real) in space (virtual and real).

he is a big Bernie DeKoven follower and tries exploring the ways in which the well played game can be incorporated into the digital realm (and escape from it), as such, moochi is more interested in making spaces for play and within them creating games as a player, rather than designing games themselves.

he enjoys the ability to make small videogames really quickly out of existing parts of other videogames (plundercore), and explores the of use literal existing videogames running on emulators as materials to create new games (plunderludics).

they are a member of Boshi’s Place, a games and playful media coworking space in Bushwick that also hosts events both from a creation and from a curation perspective.

notoriously, moochi has worked on:
– pondlife: discone (a videogame) , the most beautiful third person platformer character controller to exist, made with pondlife.
– , award winning experimental radical collaboration website with the parks staff.

you can find most of the things mentioned here on or website

MFA, Game Design, NYU Game Center

BFA, Painting, Pennsylvania State University