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Leland Jobson

Visiting Assistant Professor


Leland Jobson is an architectural designer and software engineer living in Brooklyn, New York. He develops and applies computational methods in several aspects of the design process such as design automation, optioneering, quality control, interoperability and visualization. He has collaborated with several design technology outfits and worked at Grimshaw, Thornton Tomasetti CORE and WeWork.

His projects include the design of the Dubai Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion Canopy, industrial design within MTA’s Enhanced Station Initiative, engineering WeWork’s automated quality control and floorplate design framework (ADSF), and incorporating embodied carbon calculation into the engineering process at Thornton Tomasetti.

He is currently a Sr. Software Engineer at Nvidia Corporation developing the Omniverse, a metaverse platform for creation, collaboration and simulation.

B.Arch., Pratt Institute