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Joshua Cruz

Production Facilities Technician


Josh Cruz is a Production Facilities Technician at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture. Josh is an educator, designer and fabricator based in Brooklyn. He received his Bachelors of Architecture from Pratt institute.


He has spent the last several years as a tenured educator at the Brooklyn STEAM Center where he designed, developed and taught a NYSED accredited 2 year Design/Engineering curriculum/course sequence for high school juniors and seniors, while managing a state of the art production facility. His pedagogical philosophy is centered around the belief that every student has unique talents and skills that can be further developed through engaging learning experiences rooted in real world issues which impact the lives and environments of themselves and those around them. Josh is committed to creating an inclusive environment and culture that supports and challenges each student by differentiating for their distinct needs, encouraging them to take opportunities to celebrate their individual cultural backgrounds and histories in their work, and promoting agency and empathy in the learning environment. 


His professional interests lie in the interrogation of material, analog and digital fabrication practices to create unique design for manufacturing solutions which challenge the way we make things today and in the future.


Josh is the recipient of the Outstanding Career and Technical Educator Award presented by the United Federation of Teachers, as well as the Stefan Karfakis Memorial Scholarship from the Center for Metal Arts.  


As a member of the SoA community, Josh hopes to work closely with the student body and faculty to identify the needs of the community and develop resources which aid them in safely and efficiently realizing their works. He aspires for the shops to be a place that any member of the Pratt community can approach knowing they will be met with the training, resources and support they need to confidently pursue their projects no matter how unconventional.

BArch,  Pratt Institute