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Jared Osborn

Visiting Instructor

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Jared Osborn is a Visiting Instructor at Pratt.

After graduating from art school Jared made a career out of designing for publication, making art, and making publications of his own.

Jared’s career has included Marvel Comics, Bad Idea Comics, internet animation, and a partnership in a comic book production company.

As well as making art Jared is a longtime blogger and writer about art.

Jared’s passion for creating images is the driving force behind his art. He utilizes a combination of color, bold spirit and active imagination to create his dynamic works and spaces.

Influenced by the likes of Ad Reinhardt, Alex Toth, Pablo Picasso, Hieronymus Bosch, and Piet Mondrian, Jared’s art can be playful and simultaneously dramatic. 

At any given moment, the viewer can be compelled to experience an Osborn work as part of a continuing story-line, anticipating the next scene, or as a specific event, captured on paper, canvas, or the digital realm.

As a Visiting Instructor Jared looks forward to passing on the knowledge and know how he has gained over many year mot being creative, making art, and getting things done.

Bachelor of Fine Arts,  SUNY Purchase

Associate in Applied Science, SUNY Sullivan