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James Adams

Visiting Assistant Professor


James Adams, MSLIS, is Visiting Assistant Professor at the Pratt Institute, where he teaches INFO 658, Information Visualization. Since 2022, he has been the Manager of Research & Data Services in Library & Research Services at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, MA. His team is responsible for supporting researchers at the Kennedy School through consultation, collaboration, and instruction, as well as for compliance with university requirements for research data management.

From 2016 to 2022, James served as Data and Visualization Librarian at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. He has been instructor with the Carpentries since 2015, and was a part of the American Library Association’s 2016 class of Emerging Leaders.

M.S. Library and Information Science, Pratt Institute

B.A. Music and English, Boston College

  • Erbaugh, J. T., N. Pradhan, J. Adams, J. A. Oldekop, A. Agrawal, D. Brockington, R. Pritchard, and A. Chhatre. “Global Forest Restoration and the Importance of Prioritizing Local Communities.” Nature Ecology & Evolution 4, no. 11 (November 2020): 1472–76.
  • McNutt, Ellison J., Kevin G. Hatala, Catherine Miller, James Adams, Jesse Casana, Andrew S. Deane, Nathaniel J. Dominy, et al. “Footprint Evidence of Early Hominin Locomotor Diversity at Laetoli, Tanzania.” Nature 600, no. 7889 (December 2021): 468–71.