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Harriet Harriss



Dr. Harriet Harriss, (ARB, RIBA, (Assoc.)AIA, PFHEA, FRSA, Ph.D.) is a Professor in the MS Historic Preservation Program within the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment at Pratt Institute, following her tenure as the Dean of the School of Architecture. An award-winning educator, writer, and UK-qualified architect, Dr. Harriss has established an international reputation for social justice and climate crisis pedagogy and curriculum design and for pioneering interdisciplinary pedagogies informed by avant-garde thinking, that draw upon queer, feminist, and decolonization theories to advance diversity, equity and inclusion pedagogies, policies and professional practices.  In recognition of her contribution to education, Dr. Harriss won various awards for teaching and research, including, two Daiwa Foundation Fellowships, two Santander Awards, a Brookes Teaching Fellowship, a Winston Churchill Fellowship, and a HEA Internationalization Fellowship. In 2016, Dr. Harriss was awarded a Clore Fellowship for cultural leadership; elected to the European Association of Architectural Education Council (EAAE) in 2017, and in 2018, awarded a Principal Fellowship of the UK’s Higher Education Academy

Dr. Harriss’ books have distinguished her as a leading pedagogic scholar, as examples including Architecture Live Projects: pedagogy into practice (2014) and  Radical Pedagogies: Architectural Education & the British Tradition (2015) serve to demonstrate. Moreover, her scholarship on diversity, equity and inclusion has resulted in an array of highly regarded books that confront the status of women in the profession and academe – for example, A Gendered Profession (2016), Modern Design From Sweden To California (2020) and, forthcoming title, ‘100 Women: Architects in Practice’ (RIBA Publications, 2023) – as well as the representation and rights of BIPOC and LGBTQ individuals and communities, too – as explored within Working at the Intersection: Architecture After the Anthropocene (2022) and Architectural Pedagogies of the Global South (2022). Dr. Harriss’ award-winning book Architects After Architecture (2020) and, her forthcoming text, ‘‘Architectures Afterlife’ (Routledge, Nov 2023) further evidence her ability to communicate with professionals and policy makers as equally and effectively as students and academics.

Further to this, Dr. Harriss has consistently contributed to a range of successful titles – such as ‘The Routledge Companion To Women in Architecture’ while her widely published essay ‘The Flashcube’ was praised by the London Review of Books as ‘one of the best essays.’  in the book ‘Extinct: a compendium of obsolete objects’.