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Giuliano Fiorenzoli



Opened his own Florence, Italy-based atelier Ziggurrat in 1967; designed for the architectural firm of Conklin/Rossant that built the Park of Myriad Gardens, which won the Progressive Architecture Award in 1970; in 1974, he won an international competition and, in collaboration with R.Abraham, built the Rainbow Center Plaza in Niagara Falls, New York; has successfully participated in various competitions in the United States and abroad to include the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa in 1980; in collaboration with architect Lebbeus Woods, he proposed an innovative master plan for the future Amusement Park of Coney Island; some of his more theoretical work has been published by major European and American magazines and books on architecture; has given talks and lectures on his work and participated in symposiums throughout the country and abroad in Europe, Canada, South America, and China; has been teaching architectural design with no interruptions since 1970 at various national universities such as MIT’s master’s program, Temple University, N.J.I.T, and Columbia University’s master’s program in addition to Pratt’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

M.Arch., University of Florence Italy
Master Degree in Architecture /Urban Design M.I.T. Cambridge Mass.