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Eliana Abu-Hamdi


Eliana Abu-Hamdi, is currently the Program Manager for the Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative (GAHTC) at MIT. She recently joined the Board of Directors of the Society of Architectural Historians as well as the faculty of Pratt Institute as Visiting Associate Professor. She also teaches courses on Global Poverty and the Ethics of Development as well as the History of Global Urbanism at Hunter College, in the Department of Political Science.

She is an urbanist, designer and Middle Eastern/Global South scholar with published articles in the International Journal of Islamic Architecture, Traditional Dwellings and Settlement Review, as well as Cities. She contributed two chapters, one in an edited volume on Urban Governance in the Middle East from McGill-Queens Press, and another on Social Housing in the Middle East from University of Indiana Press.

Her research on architecture and development in Jordan contributes to the debates on the political economy of urbanism in developing cities, thereby establishing a connection between their geopolitical histories and urban present.

Currently she is also actively developing her manuscript for submission to Cambridge University Press. Eliana received her Ph.D. and Master of Science degrees in Architectural History from UC Berkeley with a designated emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies.

She is an experienced architectural practitioner and educator.

B.A. Architecture, University of California at Berkeley
MArch Newschool of Architecture
M.S. Architectural History, University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D. Architectural History, University of California at Berkeley