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The Customized Minor provides opportunities for students to pursue a field of interest in the form of a minor that is not provided by the established curriculum. A Customized Minor is a minimum 15-credit suite of courses. Students must attend an information session and can choose to propose their DIY minor by following all the guidelines of the Customized Minor and submitting the required forms and accompanying narratives. The content of the Customized Minor must be sufficiently different from existing minors at Pratt and coherently proposed a field of study that is adequately covered with the proposed courses. 


Associate Provost for Interdisciplinary and Integrative Learning
Founding Director, The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Curator, Individualized Learning

Amir Parsa

Program Manager, The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Project Manager, MSCHE Self-Study and Accreditation

Renae Govinda