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Cost of Attendance

Pratt is committed to providing financial assistance to make the cost of enrollment at Pratt more affordable for families whose personal resources might not permit them to enroll. This commitment is reflected by the large amount of institutional gift money awarded each year through a variety of programs including a generous merit-based scholarship and need-based grant program. About 75 percent of our undergraduates receive some kind of financial aid. Other types of financial assistance available include loans, student employment, and tuition management programs, which enable you to space out your payments rather than making one payment up front. By combining federal, state, and institutional funds we make every effort to assist you in meeting the increasing cost of a college education.

To apply for need-based aid including student loans, you are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. The FAFSA helps us determine your eligibility for federal, state, and institutional need-based aid. The FAFSA should be completed by our March 1 deadline in order to ensure that you receive your package in time to make a decision. It is available online from January 2 of each year. The Pratt Summer Financial Aid Application is required for those who wish to attend summer classes and/ or study abroad. International students are eligible for international merit-based scholarships and are also automatically considered for these upon acceptance. The amounts of awards are similar to the domestic merit-based scholarships, and the awards use the TOEFL or SAT scores as one criterion in addition to portfolio and grades. International students are not eligible for need-based aid and should not file the FAFSA. There is no application; all international students are considered.

It is important to understand that with generous scholarship and need-based aid programs, the cost of attendance is really the gross cost minus the scholarships and need-based aid. The decision about where to attend should be based on the net cost once you have received your financial aid package or merit-based scholarship if you do not qualify for need-based aid.

Pratt’s undergraduate cost of attendance is listed in the pdf below. These are standard figures used for budgeting purposes and eligibility for need-based financial aid for the academic year. Your actual bill may differ from these estimates. They are provided for planning purposes.

Please note that tuition and fees, housing (for on-campus residents) and board (for students with meal plans) are the only costs which are paid directly to Pratt Institute. Books and supplies and personal costs will vary for each student and are estimates only. The undergraduate cost of attendance is found below in pdf format. More detail on tuition and fees and other costs may be found online.

Net Price Calculator

Pratt Institute is pleased to provide a Freshman Calculator and Transfer Calculator. These calculators may be helpful as you work to determine the cost of your education, as well as provide an estimate of the scholarships and other financial aid options you may be able to receive from Pratt Institute. Both Freshman and Transfer calculators cannot be used by international students.

Freshman Net Price Calculator

Estimate your merit scholarship and financial aid awards using our Freshman Net Price Calculator. You will be asked to estimate your portfolio ranking as well as stating your GPA and test scores. You may try putting in different rankings to see how they change your scholarship. To fill out the financial aid part of the calculator, you may need to have a parent present as there are questions about your income. This calculator is only for US citizens and permanent residents.