Students, parents, and alumni on campus

Mission Statement

The mission of Parent and Family Programs at Pratt is to provide parents with the resources to support and encourage the success of their Pratt student. Pratt Institute recognizes that parents are valuable members of the Pratt community and have much to contribute to Pratt. We encourage parent involvement in the Pratt Community.

Parent Philosophy

  • Pratt seeks to develop a relationship with parents that is a partnership. We believe that parents are partners in our efforts to help our students become responsible advocates for themselves.
  • To further this partnership, we are committed to taking parent concerns into consideration when appropriate and for communicating with parents about events, deadlines and other information relevant to the Pratt student experience.
  • While we value the involvement of parents, we promote student responsibility. Therefore whenever possible we work directly with students in order to provide appropriate services, support them as they meet the challenges of the Pratt experience and respond to their concerns and questions.
2019-20 Family Calendar

Get Connected

We encourage families to connect with Pratt and one another on Facebook at Pratt Institute Parents. If you have specific questions, or are not sure who to contact, please email us at

Parent Access at

Students now have the option of granting a parent or other guardian the right to access academic records, financial records, or both. This can be done through the Academic Tools student menu (under My Personal Information). If the person is not already in you records, students must first "Request add of Parent."

Local Accommodations

View a list of local accommodations.

Local Storage

View a list of local storage and moving companies.

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