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Resilience, Wellness, And Wellbeing Council Projects

The Resilience Council aspires to create a culture of resilience, wellness and well-being at Pratt. We believe that students, faculty and staff should have access to well-being resources that promote wellness during and after their time at Pratt. Through these ongoing projects mentioned below, we hope to achieve our goal of creating a flourishing environment at Pratt for all its members.

Well-being Guidebooks 

We want to introduce the Pratt community to what it means to be resilient and mindful. Each guidebook introduces the importance of mindfulness, contemplative and meditative practices, and the value of calling attention to your mental and physical well being both inside and outside the classroom.Therefore, we decided to create two well-being guidebooks that will exist as  “living” resources for the Pratt community.

  • Faculty Guidebook
    This guidebook was created for Pratt faculty with the input and expertise from the Resilience Council. It is meant to serve as a guide for understanding and implementing well-being techniques in the classroom and studio environments. The guidebook includes information on resilience and positive pedagogy, mindfulness and meditative practices, and the current mindfulness and well-being initiatives at Pratt that will be useful for you and your students.
  • Student Guidebook
    Currently in progress, this guidebook is tailored to help students learn about mindfulness and well-being. It includes an introduction to mindfulness and meditative practices, information on the Pratt initiatives for students to learn more and engage in daily mindful practices, and resources for receiving help with your personal struggles. It is meant to act as a model for learning new ways to balance the stress of life and schoolwork with quality self-care resources. 
  • Staff Guidebook
    Currently in the early stages of development, this guide for staff will focus on small steps to integrate into your work and life for more holistic well-being.

The Art of Well-being to develop student leaders-1-Credit course 

This one credit course is part of the Integrative Mind and Body Program under the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, developed with funding awarded by the American College Health Foundation. We believe that small shifts in living and learning can make a major difference in improving the student experience. For that reason, we decided to create a course focusing on wellness, well-being, and resilience for students, by students. In collaboration with members of the Resilience Council, five students developed the values and mission of the course to finalize course objectives and learning outcomes.

The “How-To Series”

Many faculty, staff and students at Pratt struggle to find resources that properly suit their lifestyle and schedule. Though the desire to nurture personal well-being may be present, it’s often difficult to know where to go or how to begin. Therefore, we decided to create a “How-To Series” to introduce the Pratt community to wellness and well-being.

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