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Living on campus involves a commitment to the residential community. To ensure that commitment is upheld, policies and procedures have been developed both for the Pratt community and residence hall specific. These policies and procedures take into account the rights of the individual and the community recognizing that the rights of the community at times are in conflict with individual rights. For example, quiet hours are established in all residence halls. That policy does override an individual’s right to listen to music at high volume at 2 AM without headphones.

All policies and procedures also acknowledge federal, state and local laws. An example of this is the non-smoking policy applicable to all residence hall areas. It is expected that all students are familiar with Pratt policies and procedures and that residence hall students are familiar with residence hall specific policies and procedure found in the Resident Student Living Guide and the Housing License.

More information on specific residence hall policies and procedures and be found here.

Pratt Institute does not discriminate based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.