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Pratt Institute has certain values and standards, the violation of which constitutes unacceptable behavior. The Student Conduct Process has been established to evaluate whether or not these values and standards have in fact been violated, to what extent they have been violated, and if violated, assess penalty. The judicial process is not a legal process. Rather, it is intended to be an educational process, the goal of which is to promote justice and fairness while at the same time provide the student with an experience from which they can learn. A complete explanation of the Pratt and Residential Life Conduct Process is available from the Residential Life and Housing. Pratt Institute standards are promulgated herein and in the Bulletin and the Student Handbook. Resident students are expected to be familiar with these standards as well as the regulations that govern community living in the residence hallsView all community policies and procedures.

To submit and report a policy violation, you may contact your RA or Pratt Security.