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Information for New Employees


Approvals. After the School or Unit has determined the finalist for the position, it must obtain final approval from the HRO to make the candidate a conditional offer of employment.

Offer/Appointment. Applicants offered a position will receive an offer/appointment letter setting forth the terms and conditions of their employment, including the start date for the position, compensation and benefits, any required and recommended training, and any contingencies upon which the offer is based.

Physical Examination (as applicable).
 For certain job categories, the Institute may require the offeree to undergo a medical examination that is job-related and consistent with business necessity prior to the commencement of employment. Those categories currently include certain facilities and campus safety positions.

Voluntary Self-Identification.
 All new hires will be asked to voluntarily self-identify their race, ethnicity, gender, disability status, and veteran status in the designated ATS by the start of their employment, in accordance with applicable law and the standards set forth above.

I-9 Verification.
 All new hires are required to present original documentation that verifies their eligibility to work in the United States no later than the first day of employment. Please see the form to learn about the acceptable identification for the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9).

*Once the applicant has accepted the offer and the onboarding process is complete, all other applicants should be notified that the position has been filled.


For recordkeeping and data tracking purposes, all job seekers must be dispositioned in Interfolio through the appropriate “disposition code.” The School or Unit shall work in conjunction with the HRO and/or HR coordinator on the appropriate coding.