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Program Board

The Program Board of the Pratt Institute (also known as PB) enhances the co-curricular life of the Pratt student body. In providing social events, Program Board helps to improve campus life while also enabling students to engage across disciplines. Officers on Program Board gain skills required to lead in a dynamic field.

Program Board (PB) is a branch of Student Involvement consisting of a variety of programming areas.  All members of Program Board are Pratt students, working hard to plan events other Pratt students will be interested in. A part of the mandatory Student Activities fee students pay each year goes to Program Board to cover the events Program Board plans for the campus community. The majority of the events provided by PB are free.

Mission: The goal of Program Board is to get students out of their rooms and studios for a few hours to take a much-needed break from the rigorous academics at Pratt, all while promoting a healthy work/social balance.


  • Off Campus Events Coordinators (2): Responsible for the planning of all trips and off campus events such as Broadway shows, sporting events, concerts, museums, food tours, and anything else the coordinators believe will appeal to the student body. 
  • On Campus Event Coordinators (4): Responsible for overseeing on campus events and new initiatives. Past events have included: movie nights, comedy shows, speakers, comedians, hypnotists, musicians, and other talent performers. This group is also responsible for some signature events such as Fall/Spring Fest, Halloween Costume contest, and Late Night Breakfast.
  • Promotions and Marketing Coordinators (2): Promotions are responsible for all event and general Program Board advertisement and marketing efforts to the campus community. The primary methods of promotion include creating fliers, TV ads, and updating our online presence through Instagram. Each returning promotions coordinator will have additional responsibilities and special assignments on the board.