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Registrar Forms

All forms must be printed, signed, and turned into the Registrar’s Office to be official.

Final Exam Conflict Resolution Form: A Final Exam Conflict is defined as when a Final Exam and Studio Critique are scheduled at the same time. Students may contact instructor(s) informally to resolve an exam conflict or submit this completed and signed form to the Registrar’s office two weeks before the Exam Conflict Day listed on the Academic Calendar.

Academic Major/Minor Changes

Change of Major: Within Same School: To transfer from one Program of Study (Major) to another program within the same school. Change of Major form has to be signed and approved by both Department Chairpersons and/or Academic Advisor. Evaluation of Transfer credits is completed by an authorized evaluator for the new program of study.

Change of Major: Within Pratt Institute: To transfer from one Program of Study school (Major) to another program and in a different school. Current students who wish to transfer from one school to another should complete a Change of School Transfer Application at no later than June 1 for the fall term and December 15 for the spring term. Students must meet the admissions criteria for the program to which they are applying including submission of the application requirements. The change of school form is to be initially reviewed with the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, then reviewed and signed by the Transfer Coordinator, and then the Registrar’s office. Evaluation of Transfer credits is completed by an authorized evaluator for the new program of study.

Additional Minor Program/Advanced Certificate: Students may not be in two majors at the same time; however, they may choose to add a Minor or an Advanced Certificate to their program of study. The form must include the signed approvals by either Department Chairperson or Minor/Certificate Coordinator. The degree and the Minor/Certificate programs must be complete before graduation. 

Graduate Student Change of Program: Graduate students interested in a Change of Degree Program must contact to begin the process. As each department reviews applicants independently of one another, you must satisfy all requirements for the new program of interest, and be reviewed again for the next available intake as a new student. See our graduate department requirements by program. If/when accepted, the above form must include the signed approvals from each Department Chairperson or Coordinator. The student should keep a copy of the form for their records, and deliver two copies: one to Graduate Admissions and one to the Registrar’s Office, both located in Myrtle Hall. If studying under a visa, the student must visit the Office of International Affairs once the process is complete. *Please note acceptance to one program does not guarantee acceptance into another, scholarships do not transfer between programs, and transfer credits are evaluated at the discretion of the new department. Questions about the process may be directed to

Incomplete Forms

Incomplete Grade Form: A grade of “INC” Incomplete requires both the instructor and student to sign and submit the Incomplete Form to the Office of the Registrar.  Available only to students who have been in regular attendance, has satisfied all but the final requirements of the course, and has furnished satisfactory proof that the work was not completed due to circumstance beyond his/her control. If the work is not submitted by an agreed-upon date of submission with the Instructor—not exceeding the end of the following term—the incomplete will be converted to a failure.

Change of Grade Request: Students are to contact their Academic department to request a change of grade.

Student Record Change

Legal Change of Name: Appropriate documentation for the name change (passport, visa, birth certificate, marriage certificate) must be submitted with the form.

Chosen Name: Pratt Institute recognizes that many members of the Pratt Community prefer to use names other than their legal ones to identify themselves. As long as the use of this chosen name is not for the purposes of misrepresentation, the Institute acknowledges that a “chosen name” can and should be used where possible in the course of Institute business and education.

Pratt is currently working with the Student Information System vendor to use the chosen name in Institute business, except when the use of the legal name is required. For example, some records, such as paychecks and transcripts will require the use of the legal name. In such circumstances, the Institute will not be able to use the chosen name. However, whenever reasonably possible, chosen name will be used. 

Until the Student Information System can be updated to utilize chosen names, the Registrar’s office will notify Faculty directly of the chosen name and pronoun that a student has requested. This will be a manual process and not seen by other Pratt Offices at this time. This is the Registrar’s attempt to follow the guidelines of the chosen name policy, which the Registrar’s office assisted in developing.

While Pratt is making every effort to accommodate all students, inappropriate use of the chosen name, including but not limited to misrepresentation or attempting to avoid a legal obligation, may be cause for denying the request. Complete the chosen name form and submit to the Registrar’s office. Contact the Registrar’s Office, for further information.

Change of Address: Complete the change of address form and submit to the Registrar’s office or email using Pratt email address to


Application for Graduation: Students wishing to be considered for graduation must file a Graduation application. The application must be completed on or before the following deadlines:

GraduationComplete application on or before
Summer Term / OctoberMarch 25
Fall Term / FebruaryAugust 25
Spring Term / MayDecember 15

Permission to Attend Commencement: Students who will not complete their programs until Summer or Fall 2021 may petition to join the 2021 Commencement with a Permission to Attend Form. Approved Permission to Attend students will not have their names printed in the 2021 Commencement program; their names will be printed in the 2022 Commencement program.

The deadline to apply for Permission to Attend is February 1, 2021. Additional information is on the Commencement Ceremony page

Leave of Absence / Withdrawal / Re-Admission


  • A student in good academic standing (min. 2.000 for undergrad, min. 3.000 for graduate) may be absent from Pratt Institute for one or two semesters.
  • Extensions beyond one year require a new application to be filed.
  • Leave of Absence or Withdrawal form must be filled out before the last day of the semester to drop a class in a given semester.


  • Required before dropping or withdrawing from all classes for a semester.
  • Financial relief is only granted if there is a sudden and severe reason for the withdrawal. Students seeking financial relief for withdrawing will have to address the Institute Financial Appeals Committee. These students should speak to the Administrative Assistant in the Student Affairs Office.


  • Re-Admission to Pratt Institute is required after skipping enrollment for a spring or fall semester without completing a Leave of Absence. Students wanting to be readmitted to Pratt Institute must complete the Application for Re-Admission form and return it to the Registrar’s Office.
Re-Admission Application DeadlinesInternational Student Deadlines
Fall Semester – August 15Fall Semester – May 1
Spring Semester – December 15Spring Semester – October 1
Summer Semester – May 1Summer Semester – N/A

Non-Degree / Student Application