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Non Degree Students

People may enroll in courses without matriculating into Pratt Institute. Applications are welcome from all qualified students including transfer students. No more than 18 total credits may be taken by a person with non-matriculated student status, including no more than six credits a semester. Complete the non-degree application form. Please remember to include your official transcript with your application.


  • Non-matriculated applicants are not candidates for a degree from Pratt Institute.
  • Financial aid is not available for non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students must pay full price for tuition and student fees.
  • International students may not take courses as non-matriculated students. They must be full-time matriculated students to meet immigration regulations.
  • Persons interested in certificates or not-for-credit professional development should consider Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.


Non-degree undergraduate applicants include students taking up to six credits in a semester and visiting students from other institutions of higher education who must attend full-time for a semester or two with the intent of transferring the course credit to their school. Neither would be candidates for a degree from Pratt Institute.

Applicants must provide an official transcript showing proof of a high school degree or GED. Those matriculated at another college or university must submit an official transcript of all work completed.

Acceptance as a non-degree student is based on the applicant’s background and ability to complete successfully the work of the course. All correspondence is to be through the Registrar’s Office. Student’s admittance will be based upon the written permission of the department chairperson. Additional documentation including a portfolio or letters of recommendation may be requested by the department for further evaluation.


Non-degree graduate students may take courses for graduate credit, provided the academic department approves the registration. Students may not be admitted to candidacy for a degree without first gaining admission to a graduate degree program.

Applicants must provide an official transcript confirming receipt of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Additional documentation including a portfolio or letters of recommendation may be requested by the department for further evaluation.


I-20 forms are not issued for Non-Degree students; however, I-20’s are issued for Visiting Students. Other non-immigrant statuses like O1, H1B, J1, J2, can be Non-Degree students. International people in other statuses such as Visa Waiver (ESTA), B1/B2, C (Transit), or F2 may not be Non-Degree students or Visiting Students.

For questions about international Non-Degree students, please contact The Office of International Affairs,, +1.718.636.3674.


Non-Matriculated students wishing to take courses at Pratt Institute must

  • complete the form below and deliver it to the Registrar’s Office via mail or in person
  • with an official high school/college transcript

Pratt Institute
Office of the Registrar
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Applications will not be evaluated until all materials are received.The Registrar’s Office must obtain permission from the Department Chairperson offering the course before a non-matriculated student can be registered for any classes. Please allow three weeks for this process. Applicants whose proposals are approved will receive a registration statement via email and in the mail. The Office of the Registrar will contact applicants by phone if any issues come up during the process. Non-Matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid. Applicants will be responsible for all tuition and fees upon acceptance (though non-matriculated students may waive the Institute’s health insurance fee if they already have a provider). Further information on current tuition rates and fees can be found on the Student Financial Services.