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Emergency Response Guide: Utility Failures


Gas Leaks

A gas leak can present a very serious threat to life and property that should not be ignored.

  • Clear the immediate area of the gas leak. Immediately dial 3540 or (718)-636-3540.
  • It may be advisable to evacuate the building (at least one block from the location of the leak).
  • If feasible, identify the source and location of the leak. Notify natural gas provider.
  • Shut down power in the area of the leak and any other source of possible ignition. Do not sound fire alarms or use electrical devices.
  • If it is safe to do so, vent the area to allow the gas to escape.

Power Outage

We have seen an increase in power losses over wider areas because of greater usage and more demand on power grids.

  • Remain calm, stay in place.
  • Turn off electrical equipment, computers, air conditioners, and light switches to avoid a surge that could damage equipment when power is restored.
  • Follow instructions of the Emergency Coordinator.
  • If there is a need to evacuate the area, follow evacuation procedures.
  • Use flashlights to guide employees if the building is in darkness.
  • Open window shades or blinds if it is during the daytime hours to allow residual light from outside.
  • Turn on battery powered radio for news reports and updated bulletins, especially if the power outage is wide-spread.
  • Consider alternate power sources; i.e., back-up generators and uninterrupted power sources (UPS) installed on critical equipment that protects current from spikes or drops in power.