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Event Guidance

The policies and procedures in this document provide a framework to aid Pratt Institute departments, offices, and groups in planning and scheduling events including but not limited to lectures, film screenings, symposiums, conferences, meetings, and performances. By outlining an ordered and clear approach to planning, hosting, and holding events, we hope to better improve event planning as a whole across the Pratt campus. Campus academic departments, administrative offices, and student groups wishing to produce a Pratt event are expected to adhere to these policies.

In this document the “Event Producer ” or “EP” will be defined as those users hosting or executing the event in question. The Event Producer acknowledges responsibility for the actions of all participants, artists, guests and staff and is governed under the umbrella of Pratt Institute as a whole. The EP is responsible for recognizing and following these Guidelines and Policies. The EP must be present or have an authorized representative present at the approved event at all times.

Pratt events must be sponsored by a Pratt academic department, center, campus organization, or administrative office that has budgetary resources to cover all expenses. Students and student groups are not permitted to host/produce events without receiving specific sponsorship from an officially recognized campus organization/student group or academic department.

All events must be booked a minimum of three (3) weeks in advance using Pratt’s event scheduling system Coursedog. The departments servicing events including but not limited to Venue Contacts, Public Safety, and Facilities, strive to provide high quality support for all events. Timely event requests are required but cannot guarantee commitment of the requested date(s). In the instance that requested dates are not available, Coursedog event schedulers will attempt to find an alternate date that meets the requestor’s needs and goals.

Note: guidance for students planning outdoor events will be available in April 2024. If you are a student planning such an event before then, please contact