The Institute Department of Public Safety offers a three safety and security presentations on Pratt's LMS (Learning Management System). Presentations number (2) and (3) below are also offered on the Public Safety web page.

  • Security, Safety, and You: this introduces the Institute's Department of Public Safety to you.
  • Crime Prevention: this addresses basic crime prevention methods and tips.
  • Safety in the City: this is geared towards the student who is not familiar with New York City or big city life, however it provides valuable information for everyone.

The Department of Public Safety, along with speakers from the New York City Police Department will present crime prevention lectures and discussions for the campus community. We will also be available to conduct safety workshops throughout the school year. Contact your RA for more details and to schedule a workshop. We look forward to seeing you at one of these meetings.

Staying Safe

In the event of an emergency on campus contact the Pratt Department of Public Safety. If you need to call 911 for an emergency, do so, and then contact Pratt Public Safety. The Pratt Public Safety team will help direct needed emergency services providers to your location more quickly and avoid confusion locating your whereabouts on campus.  Please remember when calling 911 from a campus landline telephone, you must first dial a “9” and then 911.  The Department of Public Safety strives to heighten students' awareness about taking responsibility for their personal safety. Although 24 hour coverage is provided by the Department of Public Safety, each individual student must make conscious decisions daily that involve personal safety. For example, it is clearly advisable to do the following:

  • Do not walk around the neighborhood/campus alone after dark.
  • Do not leave the door to your room/apartment unlocked, whether you are home or not.

Residence Hall

  • Never leave a common area door propped open.
  • Room doors should be locked even when student leaves for a short period of time.
  • Keys should be carried at all times and never be given to others.
  • Valuables such as laptop computers, iPods, cell phones, jewelry, large amounts of money, and other valuables should be kept out of view and safely secured.

Classrooms, Studios, Library, Cafeteria, etc.

  • Do not leave laptops, iPods, and other electronic equipment, bags, supplies, etc. unattended for even the shortest period of time.
  • Do not fall asleep, sit alone, or utilize empty classrooms.

Vehicle Safety

  • The biggest cause for vehicles being broken into is electronic devices and other valuables, and packages being left in the vehicle in plain view where they can be seen by criminals.
  • Additionally, be aware, electronic devises that use suction cups to mount to the windshield leave a ring from the suction cup on the windshield which is a telltale sign for criminals that a valuable electronic device may be stored inside the vehicle.
  • Always lock your vehicle and remove your keys.
  • Always park in well-lighted areas.

Personal Safety

  • When traveling in the evening, try traveling with a companion.
  • Consider using a car service after hours.
  • Avoid dark and deserted streets and do not use shortcuts.
  • Keep electronic devices and earphones hidden as well as jewelry.
  • Travel on well-lighted streets.
  • If you must carry large sums of money, divide it between your purse, pockets and wallet.
  • Try to only use ATMs at bank branches and avoid using ATMs in convenience stores.
  • Don’t wait until you reach the door to your home before locating your keys, have them ready in your hand.

Lost and Found Property

Lost property may be surrendered to the Department of Public Safety administrative office (Room 105, Engineering Bldg) or the Department of Public Safety Control Booth at Grand and Willoughby avenues. The Department of Public Safety will make every attempt to contact the owners of recovered/found property. However, if after 30 days the property remains unclaimed, we will dispose of it. This policy also applies to unclaimed bicycles.

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