After your application is reviewed, you will receive an electronic response with further information regarding the application process. Also, for your convenience, you can now use your Pratt ID Card to pay for your parking permit. Funds can be deposited on your Pratt ID Card via a debit or credit card by visiting or making a cash deposit on your Pratt ID Card at the Value Port machine located on the first floor of the Engineering Building.  


We ask all staff/faculty/students to upload their current license, registration, and insurance cards and add funds to their Pratt ID card to help facilitate the process. Please upload and send your recent documents to Once we receive your documents to review, you will  get an email stating that your parking permit has been processed with final disposition. If approved, the parking permit will be ready for pick up and purchase at the Public Safety Office in the Engineering Building, room 105.




Where to Park

Parking on the Pratt campus requires all members of the campus community to possess and display parking permits. Parking is on a first-come basis. Student parking is permitted in the Willoughby Hall, Stabile Hall, and Cannoneer Court lots only. Faculty and staff may park in these lots as well. The Main parking lot, located just inside the Main Entrance to the campus, is reserved for Faculty and Staff on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no overnight parking in any lot on campus unless approved by Public Safety.  Several spaces in this lot are allocated for visitor parking. Visitor spaces are allocated and reserved and will be strictly enforced.



Pratt Institute Parking Rules, Regulations, and Enforcement

These rules and regulations have been established to govern the use of parking facilities at Pratt Institute (“Pratt”) and to ensure that such use is managed comprehensively and uniformly. 

  1. All vehicles parked on Pratt property must display a current valid parking permit with the permit number visible.
  2. All vehicles parked on Pratt’s property must have current state registration. Any vehicle not possessing a valid state registration will be considered abandoned and subject to towing from Pratt’s property at the owner’s expense.
  3. Permits are never transferable or assignable.
  4. Faculty and staff residents having one or more vehicles must purchase a separate parking permit for each vehicle. A $10 fee will be charged for each additional permit.  Only one vehicle per owner may be parked on Pratt property at a time.  
  5. In general, overnight parking in any parking lot is prohibited unless a request is made and approved by Public Safety. You must request to leave your vehicle parked overnight by emailing  Vehicles left overnight without approval by Public Safety can be towed from campus at the owner's expense.
  6. Student parking is permitted in the Willoughby, Stabile, or Cannoneer Court lots only.
  7. Permit holders are responsible for all violations issued to their permits.
  8. Lost or stolen permits require a $25.00 replacement fee.
  9. Permit recipients shall not:
    1. Park in yellow zone.
    2. Obstruct fire hydrants.
    3. Park in fire lanes.
    4. Obstruct gates and driveways.
    5. Park in handicap areas (unless care is tagged with appropriate state permits).
    6. Park in loading zones.
    7. Park on sidewalks.
    8. Park on lawns.
    9. Park in any unauthorized spaces.
  10. Repeat offenders may lose parking privileges.  Their vehicles may be subject to towing from Pratt property after three citations have been issued. Owners of vehicles displaying forged or duplicated permits will lose parking privileges, have their vehicles towed from Pratt property at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety or his designee, any vehicle obstructing campus operations or emergency access areas may be towed without notice to the owner and at the owner’s expense. Pratt is not liable for any damage that may result from towing.

  11. Any vehicle without a valid parking permit will be towed from Pratt property at the owner’s expense. Pratt is not liable for any damage that may result from towing.

  12. Vehicles left on campus over 30 days without prior authorization will be considered abandoned and will be subject to towing from Pratt property at the owner’s expense. Pratt is not liable for any damage that may result from towing.

  13. The purchase of a parking permit does not carry with it any rights, nor does it guarantee a parking space. Pratt merely agrees to permit a person to park their vehicle on the campus when proper space is available.

  14. Storing a vehicle on Pratt property for personal reasons is strictly prohibited. It is a violation of this policy for a permitted vehicle to remain on Pratt property while the permit holder engages in non-Pratt-related business. Anyone needing to leave their vehicle on Pratt property because of emergency or other circumstances must apply in writing to the Department of Public Safety at

  15. All permit holders are subject to state and local traffic and parking regulations while on Pratt property and are responsible for knowledge of these regulations. Any violation of a state or local traffic regulation may result in the loss of parking privileges.
  16. The permit holder assumes all responsibility for any damage and liabilities incurred to the vehicle while parked on Pratt property, including, but not limited to, theft, vandalism, damage to, or loss of, the vehicle or personal property contained in the vehicle. Pratt is not liable for personal injury, damage, theft, or property loss arising from the exercise of parking privileges. 

  17. Pratt community members park at their own risk.