Pratt Institute Contractor / Vendor Identification Policy

Definition: The term "contractor / vendor" includes any company, and individual that is an employee of a firm having a formal contractual relationship with the Institute and has been retained to work at the Institute.


Pratt Institute is committed to providing the safest possible environment for all members of the campus community. On a usual and ongoing basis various departments within Pratt Institute engage in contracts with outside contractors / vendors for the purpose of renovation, construction, maintenance, repairs, operations, consulting, etc.

Pratt Institute policy requires all contractor/vendor personnel to wear, on their person, their respective company Photo ID Badge or apparel at all times while on Pratt Property. In the absences of a company issued photo ID all workers must wear apparel bearing the name of their respective company and possess a valid government issued photo ID. Violations of this policy may result in the removal of the individual that is not in compliance with this policy from the campus.


  • A copy of Pratt’s Contractor's Photo ID Badge Policy shall be provided to all potential contractors/vendors with all Requests for Proposals (RFP).Upon the awarding of a contract and prior to the commencement of work at a Pratt facility, the department hiring the contractor / vendor will be responsible for ensuring that all personnel employed by a contractor / vendor are in possession of their respective company Photo ID Badge.
  • All vendors and vendor employees reporting to a Pratt Institute jobsite must check in at Pratt’s main security booth located at Willoughby Ave. and Grand Ave., prior to beginning work. Once they have checked in at the main security booth, they will be directed to the appropriate responsible office, i.e., Facilities, IT, etc. They must possess and display their contractor’s Photo ID Badge or apparel while on Pratt’s campus. All vendors and their employees will be required to provide Government issued Photo ID upon request.
  • Contractor's Photo ID Badge must be displayed and clearly visible at all times.
  • Any contractor / vendor who fails to produce and wear the required Contractor's Photo ID Badge, or otherwise violates this policy, shall be removed from Pratt property.
  • Under certain circumstances (emergency, weekend or after-hour requests, etc.), the Department of Public Safety may directly issue a "temporary" Pratt ID Badge (valid for 1-day only) using Visitor Management Pass system. In addition, this process will be used for those occasions where the vendor / contractor's work is extremely limited in time, scope, and location. To receive a "temporary" Pratt ID Badge an individual must provide a government photo identification card or driver's license.