Fall 2020 Online Classes

10 AM–12 PM

Adventures in Art     Ages 7-8, with accompanying adult

Students explore their imaginations by creating a carousel book, which serves as the structure for endless possibilities. Children will learn how paper can be transformed and tell a story, while the adult learns to serve a supporting role. This course is designed for an accompanying adult, who must be present from 10 AM - 12 PM.

Inclusive Art Studio     Ages 8-12

This class provides more individual support and encourages social interaction, community building, and self-expression through art making. Offered in collaboration with the Department of Creative Arts Therapy.

Drawn to Stories     Ages 9-10

Ideas for visual storytelling, including storyboarding and character development, are explored through drawing, painting, and sculpture. Experimenting with a variety of media and processes, this class encourages innovative approaches to narrative art.

Sculpture     Ages 9-10; WITH ACCOMPANYING ADULT

Students learn about the elements of sculpture through explorations in cardboard. Focusing on structure and assembly techniques, students will build a city by creating a variety of structures and forms that overlap and intersect. This course is designed for an accompanying adult who must be present from 10 AM - 12 PM.


Students learn about the elements of sculpture through explorations in a variety of materials (cardboard, clay, found objects, wire, paper, or fabric), while also considering methods of transforming the studio space.

Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking     Ages 9-10; Ages 11-14

With a blank surface and a selection of media (acrylic, tempera, watercolor, ink, charcoal, and pastel), the options are endless! These classes explore many approaches to drawing, painting, and printmaking with experimentation and skill building guiding the students’ investigations.


Designed for students interested in applying to portfolio audition high schools, projects will primarily focus on working from observationn a variety of media. The goal of the course is to produce a number of portfolio-ready pieces of work.

Creative Writing     AGES 9-12

Using inspiring prompts and playful approaches, students will write short stories and poems, which will be included in an end-of-semester publication. Offered in collaboration with The Writing Program.

Classes for High School Students

Drawing and PaintinG    Grades 9-12

Students explore many approaches to drawing and painting with a range of materials, processes, and concepts, helping them build a strong and varied portfolio. Students participate in individual and group critiques.

Sculpture, Space, and Form   Grades 9-12

Students explore one’s relationship to space through transforming a wide range of materials including paper, string, foam, and cardboard, while also considering that space and form are understood to emerge from processes that involve systems and technologies. (Pratt Young Scholars only)

Drawing the Object (ADE 101)  GRADes 9-12

Students learn to use value in conjunction with line to achieve a synthesis of form, space, composition, and content, moving from the fundamentals of linear description to the integration of tone. This course meets from 10 AM–1 PM. (1 credit, tuition fee: $1,071)

Technology Requirements & Supplies

In order to participate in online classes, all participants are required to have access to:

  • a laptop or desktop computer with an integrated microphone and camera on
  • a reliable internet connection
  • a digital camera or scanner (a phone camera is OK). 


Families are responsible for ordering their own supplies, and we anticipate supplies to cost approximately $50 per class. A link to a supply list will be in each course description. Ordering supplies after September 1 is not recommended, as current order processing and delivery times are delayed. 

Online Learning

Many parents ask, how can you teach art online? Our unique online studio-based program is delivered using an asynchronous and synchronous approach, which includes live demonstrations by faculty, structured in-class work time and one-on-one virtual instruction. It is carefully designed for completion at home. 

Students will meet live via Zoom promptly at 10 AM. While every class is different, most classes will begin with a live introduction and demonstration from the instructor. After demonstrating best practices for setting up work spaces at home, the instructor will lead live demonstrations and/or presentations using materials from the required art supply list, as well as materials/objects that can be found at home. 

Children and families will have the opportunity to upload projects for the day on Google classroom, which will guide discussion and critique. Classes will not be recorded i.e. to watch later at any time; attendance is necessary from 10 AM - 12 PM to complete projects. Due to the nature of online learning, students must have video enabled in Zoom, meet the technology requirements above and purchase materials for the class prior to classes beginning.

Pratt Institute reserves the right to cancel or change any class when circumstances warrant.

View photos from Saturday Art School.

"I have taken the same Saturday Art School class since I started in 2nd grade—Drawing and Painting. You’d think I’d get bored after 10 years, but what’s so unique about Pratt is that you can have the same class for 10 years and always learn something new. I have never done the same project twice." —Saturday Art School student, M. Terhune.