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Provost’s Centers

Students gathered in a library, seated around a table, with one student standing-- working with a professor seated across the table
Students participate in a community planning project facilitated by the Pratt Center for Community Development.

Pratt Institute has a commitment to creative research practices that drives new innovative futures. Provost’s Centers conduct research that have a profound impact from nurturing new artists and designers, to responding to our climate urgent times, to catalyzing affordable housing and stimulating job creation. Each Center has a space at the Research Yard where collaborations and partnerships grow and evolve. 

Since Pratt’s beginnings as a college, the Center K-12’s creative work with young people has been a part of Pratt’s outreach to the community. 60+ years ago with the launch of the Pratt Center for Community Development, Pratt Institute has sought to leverage its faculty and student expertise to benefit community development. In recent years, the Spatial Analysis & Visualization Initiative (SAVI) Center untangles the complexities of spatial data to reconnect people with data through design. And Pratt’s newest Center, launched in February 2024, is the Center for Climate Adaptation. This emerged from research on the built and natural environment which we began on Governors Island and we now lead as a founding co-partner of the NY Climate Exchange.

rendering of map and UI
teacher speaking with students
woman reading to student