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Ted Ngai

Director of Technology Solutions; Visiting Associate Professor


Ted Ngai is a Visiting Associate Professor at Pratt Institute and a Senior Research Associate at the Interdisciplinary Technology Laboratory. He has taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue, University of Pennsylvania and Politecnico di Turino and was a Principal Research Faculty at the Center for Architecture, Science and Ecology, a RPI and SOM joint initiative.

Ted has been invited to participate in conferences at Harvard, Yale, and Pratt to present his research topics in BIM and the built ecologies. His current research involves machine vision, machine learning, VR simulation engines, and collaborative robotics. Prior research includes the remediation of distraught ecologies via the self-assembly of nanomaterials, the intersection between energy and material systems – the physiology of form – how organisms develop formal and material strategies to metabolize locally available energies.

Ted was the lead designer of Phytoremediation Wall System (AMPS) that had won the Good Green Design Award and the R&D Award. As an architect, his work was placed 2nd place for the international architectural competition Butakovka Housing Development in Almaty Kazakhstan. He was a co-founder of UNI, a Cambridge based design-build firm. His work there was published around the world and won awards from Boston Society of Architects and New York Architectural League.

B. Arch, SCI-Arc; M. Arch, Harvard University Graduate School of Design