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Sam Raddatz

Visiting Assistant Professor

Sam's LinkedIn
Logic Department

Sam Raddatz is an information architecture, user experience, and career pivot specialist based in Brooklyn, New York. She has worked on projects or in positions with companies such as the Brooklyn Museum, City University of New York Academic Commons, Equality Indicators, Netflix, NYU Libraries, and the Trust for Public Lands.

An organized, empathic, logical, and straightforward professional with over 15 years of experience in her fields, Sam’s priority in how she works, the work she does, and who she works with is inclusion. Her background includes helping clients solve complex content problems, improving usability, and organizing online resources. She also has a strong desire to help companies ensure their product, editorial, and data decisions are reflective and inclusive of an increasingly global society.

Through the trajectory of her expansive career, Sam has amassed a widely-varied skill set. In doing so, she has developed a passion for being a resource for people as they traverse the business world. She is particularly focused on using her firsthand knowledge of career transitions to guide women, trans, and nonbinary people through similar transitions.

Sam is the founder and CEO of Logic Department and a lecturer of Information Science and User Design. She holds an MS in Information and Library Science from Pratt in New York City and a BA from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. You can find her online here: