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Molly Roberts

Adjunct Associate Professor


Molly Roberts is a versatile design educator with an extensive background as a working designer in tabletop product, handbags and luggage, interior architecture, and global manufacturing. Molly inspires her design students to approach their craft as an elemental part of an interconnected ecosystem; thinking deeply about how design can bring positive impacts to individuals and communities. Molly’s creative and professional experience showcase her exceptional range as a designer and educator. She completed her Masters in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, complemented by her undergraduate studies in Marketing and Art History. Her marketing background provided a deep understanding of consumer behavior and product promotion, while her graduate industrial design training equips her with the skills to create and refine innovative products. She has dedicated over 18 years to teaching at Pratt Institute, where she has made significant impacts on the graduate and undergraduate Industrial Design programs, as well as Pratt’s first year Foundation program. Additionally, Molly also taught at Parsons School of Design at the New School for over 5 years in the undergraduate School of Constructed Environments, Products Design. This combination of learning and experience enables Molly to teach design with a meticulous focus on ideation, manufacturing, and the intricate relationship between each phase of the design process.

@IG molly_roberts_design

MID, Pratt Institute
BA in Business Administration, Western Michigan University | Marketing and Art History
Syracuse University International Program, Florence, Italy | Art History and Design