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Kyle Williams

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Williams is a visual artist working in moving image, animation, installation and projected light. For the last five years he has made work with Nicholas Steindorf under the collaborative name Blinn and Lambert.  Their work draws on their shared backgrounds in painting, a sensibility of deadpan humor and pacing, and ways of making that prioritize experimentation, invention and process. Their work is motivated by the history of image-making technologies – CGI interfaces, Dutch still life paintings, practical cinema effects, 3D cameras – and the unique ways these technologies describe time, material, and presence. Together, they have created stereoscopic shadow installations, gyroscopic videos, 16mm animations and most recently, 35mm slideshows. Blinn and Lambert have exhibited at Artspace in New Haven, CT, Microscope Gallery in New York, and PIX Film in Toronto, Canada. Williams is also the Director of the Benny Andrews Estate, the educational non-profit which oversees the personal archive the artist and activist Benny Andrews.

Yale University School of Art, MFA; Stanford University, BA