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Gloria Fan Duan

Visiting Assistant Professor


Gloria Fan Duan 樊段晓春, is a Chinese-American artist working at the poetic intersections of art, science, technology, and diaspora. Her practice falls within the poetics of science and philosophy, and attempts to capture the mysterious aspects in both fields of inquiry. In doing so she aims to shed light on what is traditionally seen as incomprehensible. Concepts that exist as pure speculation, like death or the future, can never be explained due to the inherent limitations of the human experience. It is because of this that they remain obscured and in constant opposition from our known existence. In order to examine concepts of the un-guessed, her works explore simulacros points in reality, speculative futures based upon the passage of time, and visualizing the invisible.

Fan Duan has exhibited at cultural and academic institutions that seek to advance these fields of inquiry, a selection of which includes: Art Basel in Basel, Ars Electronica Festival, the Wrong Biennale, 18th Street Art Center, AS220, Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center, Mana Contemporary, The Phillips Collection, The Research House for Asian Art, and New Art City.

SAIC | MFA Art and Technology Studies

RISD | BFA Painting