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Gaia Hwang

Chairperson of Graduate Communications Design


Dr. Gaia Scagnetti is the Chairperson of the Graduate Communications Design department at Pratt Institute. Her current research projects discuss new pedagogies, strategies, and approaches for higher education in design. In 2010 Gaia Scagnetti completed Post Doctoral research at the Design Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As Researcher and Design Strategist at MIT, she conducted qualitative research for design on the topic of social sustainability, connectivity, and mobility. In 2009 she obtained a Ph.D. cum Meritus in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at the Politecnico di Milano.
Her works have been featured in several conferences and exhibitions (DesignEd, HyperUrbain.2, the MIT Humanities + Digital Conference, NetSci2010 – Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks, SIGGRAPH09 Emerging Technology Conference, the MediaLAB Prado – Visualizar08) and publications and showcases (DataFlow 2,, Mapping pattern of information, Malofiej 19, Visual storytelling, Parson Journal of Information Mapping).

PhD Multimedia Communication, Politecnico di Milano;
MS Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano;
B.S. Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano;