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Carl Fengler

Associate Director of Career Counseling & Professional Dev; Visiting Assistant Professor - Interdisciplinary Studies


I have been utilizing my background in athletics, acting & clinical psychology to run holistic Career Development programs & develop big-picture, innovative strategies to help diverse populations over the years at Columbia University, New York University, & currently at Pratt School of Design where I also serve as a professor of Entrepreneurship.

I lead a team of career counselors and student workers at Pratt Institute. I have a graduate degree in counseling psychology and before grad school, performed in stage and film as a professional actor. This creative background paired with a clinical lens has informed my leadership, teaching, and coaching.

In that capacity, I conduct individual and group career counseling sessions as well as targeted workshops for specific student and alumni populations. l also founded and ran Pratt’s flagship entrepreneurial incubator program, the “Ignition Lab” for 6 years, a program that has now been incorporated into a new Entrepreneurship Minor which I teach a foundation class for.

Before coming to Pratt, I was a career counselor at Columbia University also serving as a Diversity Advocate and subsequently at NYU, where I innovated and ran Career Development programs for Tisch Actors. As an adjunct faculty member at NYU, I taught career strategies to all enrolled internship students. At Pratt, I teach public speaking, mindfulness, and positive psychology to Pratt faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Additionally, I now serve as an Adjunct Professor of The Entrepreneurial Mindset (ENPR 200) as well as the Entrepreneurship Internship Program.

In graduate school, I was an author and member of 2 doctorate research teams studying multi-cultural sensitivity and self-efficacy. In addition to counseling and performing, I played soccer, Judo, & Lacrosse at a collegiate level, rock climb, surf, and have run 12 full marathons to date.

Univeristy of Connecticut, Fordham University, New York University