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Bob Korn

Director of Core Operations


I am the Director of Core Operations at Pratt Institute. I previously spent 15 years on Wall Street in many positions but ultimately as a VP of IT for a major NYC brokerage where I designed, implemented and maintained trading and communications systems for them and their partner organizations. Before that I was an engineer with General Instrument corp and Perkin Elmer on the forefront of computer and security system operations.

I am a major proponent of Open Source who has designed and published many open hardware & software projects on everything from a mainframe to a microchip. I wrote my first programs on a Unix system decades ago and still enjoy programming today.

At Pratt I oversee the campus Access and control systems, Power & the main colleague SIS and many of its interconnected systems including the Gym, Cafeterias, Pay-for-Print system, ID card production systems, Terradotta, Business Objects Reporting tools, Emergency Alert System, Online Food ordering, Housing, PrattBucks & Meal Plans, Off Campus Merchant program etc. I maintain a multitude of databases including Sybase, Oracle, MYSQL, PostgresSQL and MSSQL.