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Alfonso Oliva

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Alfonso Oliva (born in Cassino, Italy October 06 1983) is an Italian artist, designer and technologist.
Oliva is currently at Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA) as the Director of LERA+, a Laboratory for Engineering Research and Automation. Oliva has dedicated his career to the pursuit of computational design and research and development. Through LERA+, he collaborates with design teams on a variety of complex projects and provides instructional seminars to firms and institutions. He has lectured at the Center for Architecture in New York, Technische Universität Wien, Penn State University, Polytechnic University of Milan, La Sapienza University of Rome and University of Naples “Federico II” amongst others venues. He has led the design of sculptural art installations, sports arenas and supertall towers. Oliva has been recognized as one of the top 10 under 40 in the US by the CE Magazine for his achievements in the computational field and he recently received the 2016 Italian Young Talent award from the Arkes Association in Italy.
While earning his master’s from New York University, he was one of only 10 recipients of H2CU’s Italian National Engineering Scholarship, which fully funded his tuition and accommodations. He holds a Master in Product Architecture and Engineering with focus in computational design from Stevens Institute of Technology, a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from New York University-Polytechnic Institute and both a Master and Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Universita’ degli Studi di Cassino in Italy, where he is currently working towards a PhD in Computational Design titled: “Computing in the Arts: preserving artistic visions through computational processes”.

Universita’ di Cassino “UNICAS” | Italy
PhDc “Computing in the Arts. A computational approach to sculpture design”

Stevens Institute of Technology | New Jersey
Master’s Degree in Product of Architecture | Computational Design and Software development

Universita’ di Cassino “UNICAS” | Italy
Master of Science in Civil Engineering 

Columbia University | New York 2010
Thesis research “North West Science building, a different design solution”

New York University-Polytechnic Institute | New York Master of Science in Structural Engineering
Recipient of National Structural Engineering Scholarship | New York University

Universita’ di Cassino “UNICAS” | Italy
Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering 
Exhibit of personal projects “M.o.I.C.”, Multiple Faces of Civil Engineering | Rome, Italy

Institute of I.T.C.G. Europa Cassino | Italy
Diploma of Surveyor