Those We Have Lost

Pratt mourns the community members we have lost during this very difficult time, whether to COVID-19 or other causes.

In Memoriam

  • Brian Tenorio, MPS Design Management ’10
  • Helen Slawson Beckerhoff, BFA Art Education ’42
  • Robert “Bob” Kissane, BFA Art Education ’71
  • Doris Darlington Cohen, BFA Advertising Design ’51
  • Jean Russell Brewer, attended, Costume Design
  • Marion D. Degruttola, Certificate, Costume Design ’40
  • Joseph Merz, BArch ’50
  • Gnesha Ozick, Certificate, Merchandising and Fashion Management ’43
  • Anthony M. Missere, BS Food Science and Management ’68, former head basketball coach and head baseball coach
  • Bernard Yenelouis, former visiting assistant professor of Fine Arts
  • Doris Mae Kretz, Certificate, Textile Design ’49
  • Louis Delsarte, BFA Graphic Design ’67
  • Lowell D. McFarland, BFA Advertising Design ’60
  • William “Bill” F. Haasters, BArch ’65
  • Annie Duffy, MFA ’99
  • William “Bill” Ryan, BID ’59
  • Mary Ann Page Eaton, MSLIS ’71
  • Harry Wilhelmsen, BID ’52
  • Rudolph “Rudy” J. Wimberger, BEE ’51
  • Sandro Carrasco, BArch ’12
  • Stanley Wysocki, BID ’66; MFA ’81, former faculty member of the School of Art and Design and the School of Architecture
  • Tomie dePaola, BFA ’56
  • Margaret Lawton, Certificate, Graphic Design ’47
  • Mildred Henderson, MLS ’49
  • Norma Bunnell, Certificate, Illustration ’43
  • James Gillis, BEE ’58
  • Barbara Ann Vesey Brown Reed, MSLIS ’71

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