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135 Years

Celebrate 135 Years of Pratt!

This year marks 135 years since the founding of Pratt Institute. 

From the outset, Pratt’s mission was centered on a bold vision: to create opportunity for the working class and to provide the necessary skills for upward economic momentum. More than a century later, we remain true to our mission with an ever-present focus on the role of the creative in our society. We continue to build upon Pratt’s early dedication to opportunity for all by awarding scholarships to students who exemplify excellence and merit. 

The impact of the Pratt creative spirit is all around you. Whether marveling at skyscrapers while walking down the streets of Manhattan or working with common tools in your own kitchen, you are likely to find an example of the incredible work produced by our alumni. Our Pratt graduates have harnessed the creative spirit to make an impact in their fields and are continuing to lead efforts tackling some of the greatest challenges we face today.

Pratt is a place of opportunity for all who are ready to work hard, where creative spirit is loosed for all who dare to dream, and where all who come can find a deeply held sense of community.

Join our community in upholding Pratt’s century-long vision by making a gift today.