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Faculty-led Summer Programs

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Summer Programs

Pratt Summer Faculty-Led Programs are short study abroad opportunities for Pratt Undergraduates and Graduates of all majors and non-Pratt individuals spanning anywhere between 3-6 weeks during summer (late-May through mid-August). Led by Pratt faculty leaders, these programs offer students the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures and explore cities while allowing them to earn 3-6 credits (1-2 courses) based on the program selected. Below is the current list of programs available, please check our Terra Dotta website for up-to-date information on programs offered and eligibility.

List of summer faculty-led programs:

  • Pratt Japan – Archaeology of Future Rituals: This six-week, migratory research lab will introduce students to the most concentrated collections of historical and contemporary art and design projects in the world, all while gaining key insights from industry professionals and academics.
  • Pratt Venice – Performing Interiority: This sixteen-day experimental research studio will focus on interiority and the ways that it’s maintained and demonstrated in public space. Students will experience Venice through walking practices and personal mapping projects while visiting some of Venice’s most iconic sites.
  • Pratt in Prague: This thirteen-day program will introduce students to Prague’s history through an intensive study of the city’s art and architecture. Daily site visits will showcase the incredible environment that Prague has to offer.
  • Pratt in France – Analog in Boisbuchet: Students in Industrial and Interior Design will study modernist icons through analog construction and sketching methods, all while under the tutelage of the world-renowned Boisbuchet Workshop. During the two-week workshop, students will be challenged to examine modernist interior designs utilizing just the materials available to them.
  • Pratt in Japan – Japan Summer Study Abroad: This 3-week immersion program in Tokyo and Kyoto, re-examining the definition of interior space through personalized research projects and cultural site visits.
  • Pratt Barcelona – Sustainability and Resilience: This three-week-long excursion will give students the opportunity to analyze Barcelona through the lens of design and sustainability. The many site visits will allow students to explore the many creative aspects of this diverse, bustling city.
  • Pratt in Venice: This six-week, multidisciplinary program will introduce students to Venetian art and history through the exploration of iconic sites and artists in Venice. In collaboration with Università Internazionale dell’Arte and Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, and weekly site visits,  students will be welcomed into the world of fine arts in Venice.
  • Cerâmica Portuguesa: This ten-day collaborative program between Pratt and the famous Portuguese ceramics factory, Bordallo Pinheiro, will introduce students to the facets of manufacturing, materiality, and brand identity while challenging students to craft their own personal ceramic identity.
  • DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia – Summer Sessions: This program offers four sessions: Sessions 1 & 2 are three weeks, Session 3 is four weeks, and Session 4 is seven weeks. This program exposes students to the expertise of masters in the field of design and architecture in an interdisciplinary studio within the Scandinavian context.\
  • Pratt in Paris: A four-week program that immerses students in 17th-20th century French art and design through seminars and on-site visits to iconic architectural sites and museums.
  • Pratt in London – Exploring London – Design on Site / Museums on Site: This two-week intensive course takes place in London and examines themes and concepts of British design and culture from the 17th century to the present. Besides London site visits, field trips outside of London include visits to the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, the Brighton Pavilion, and Charleston, the home of Bloomsbury artist and Omega group member, Vanessa Bell.
  • Pratt in Singapore – Altered Estates: This month-long workshop will focus on understanding and analyzing narrative structures in multi-dimensional models and their ability to adapt to Singapore’s unique climate. This is the second in two workshops all focused on sustainability in Southeast Asia.
  • Pratt in Italy – Architecture, Art and Design in Rome: This month-long immersion program will introduce students to the architecture and fine arts of many of Italy’s most famous cities ex. Rome, Florence, and Venice. Throughout the program students will utilize digital visualization techniques to further develop their own perception and communication skills.
  • Pratt Berlin – Interdisciplinary Elective: During this month-long excursion, students will develop a creative reuse scenario for an existing structure of significant stature in the social and cultural life of Berlin. They will develop their spatial analysis, synthesis, ideation, and representation skills in interdisciplinary teams through active engagement with creatives and stakeholders within Berlin. The program accepts students from the School of Architecture, School of Design and School of Liberal Arts.

    Sign up via Instagram by clicking the link in the bio and fill out the form, or directly in Terradotta. We’ll email you further information and invites to info sessions.
  • Pratt x Rwanda – Furniture Design in an Artisan Context: This three-week studio exposes students to alternate fabrication methods, challenging them to question their notions of the design process while working alongside local artisans and craftsmen.
  • Adaptive Reuse – Porto, Portugal: This ten-day immersive program will introduce students to Porto, through the lens of adaptive reuse strategies and an in-depth study of Porto’s historic architecture. Students, utilizing the methodology created by Lilian Wong and Graema Brooker will learn more about adaptive reuse within a modern context.