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Pratt Custom Semester Programs

Aerial view of the Vatican

Pratt Custom Semester Programs are semester long study abroad opportunities where students study alongside Pratt faculty and students within an international context. Students will be abroad during the entire semester incorporating site-visits, field trips with their academic studies. Below are the current list of programs available, please check our Terra Dotta website for up to date information on programs offered. 

Undergraduate Architecture program in Rome

This program gives fourth-year, undergraduate architecture students the opportunity to live and study in Rome during the spring semester. The 18-credit curricular structure consists of seven core credits in Architectural Design and Urban Studies. The studios focus on the city’s ancient and contemporary levels, public spatial itineraries, and the larger issues of contextual integration. Emphasis is placed on drawing as a critical tool for analytical consideration of an urban area.For questions, please feel free to contact Fred Biehle,

Pratt Berlin

Pratt Berlin is a year-around semester abroad program that offers students from several participating departments the chance to spend a fall or spring semester in one of Europe’s most vibrant artistic and historic cities. In the fall semesters, 4th year UG Architecture students  and 2nd and 3rd year Writing majors can attend. For the spring semesters, 2nd and 3rd year Writing majors and Photo majors can attend, as well as HMS minors and Critical and Visual Studies students minoring in Writing. Note that Writing students can choose to attend Pratt Berlin in the fall or spring semester of their Sophomore or Junior year. 

Students can take a full 17 credits of core classes and electives while living and learning in Berlin. A semester abroad allows students to expand their cultural, intellectual, and creative horizons, and Berlin is an ideal city for such study and growth. It has a deep, complex, and rich history, and it is, like other major global cities, a dynamic and changing city, one that offers profound opportunities for students to have an in-depth cultural experience. 

Application Deadlines

  • fall semester applicants, April 5th
  • spring semester applicants, September 8th

Further Questions and Inquiries

  • Architecture applicants can contact Coordinator Prof. Dagmar Richter with any questions:
  • Writing, Photo, HMS minors, or Crit Viz majors with a Writing minor can contact Pratt Berlin Coordinator Prof. Christian Hawkey with any questions: