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Pratt Institute’s top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our entire university community. Reporting acts of sexual harassment or assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking allows the university to take immediate steps to investigate the incident(s) and enhance the safety of our community.

For Pratt reporting procedures, visit the following links: Resources and Reporting OptionsProcedures for Responding to Sexual Misconduct.

You can also file a report or formal complaint with the university by contacting the Title IX Coordinator:

Judith-Faith Williams Cadet
Title IX Coordinator
200 Willoughby Avenue
Willoughby Hall 1, Rm 104
Brooklyn, NY 11205
phone: 718.687.5369 | fax: 718.399.4239 |

Title IX Incident Report Form


If you have experienced sexual harassment or assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, your well-being is of our utmost concern, and we hope that you will get the care you need by accessing resources available to you. You may contact any confidential resource for access to support and care and for guidance in understanding your reporting options. Confidential resources will not convey any identifying information to any university official, except in rare circumstances, without explicit permission. 


Professional, licensed counselors and pastoral counselors (ordained clergy) whose official responsibilities include providing mental-health counseling to Institute students, including those who act in that role under the supervision of a licensed counselor, are not required to report any information about an incident of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator without the survivor’s permission. State law requires professional counselors to report: (i) when a patient is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to the patient or to others; or (ii) if there is reasonable cause to suspect that a minor has been sexually abused. The following is a list of the Institute’s professional and pastoral counselors and medical providers:

Pratt Institute Health Services phone: 718.399.4542,email:
Pratt Institute Counseling Services phone: 718.687.5356), email:

Professional Counselors 

Dr. Caroline Kasnakian, Director of Counseling Services
Dr. Olga Poznansky,  Director of Training, Counseling Services
Jernee Montoya, Alcohol and Other Drug Coordinator and Staff Therapist
Dr. Pinchus Feintuch, Staff Therapist
Dr. Josiane Moise, Staff Therapist

Medical Providers

Debbie Scott, Director for Health and Nurse Practitioner
Tamara Holness, Licensed Practical Nurse

Administrative Staff

Giovanni Glaize, Administrative Clerk – Health Services
Hana Chowdhury, Administrative Clerk – Counseling Services
Jessica Preston, Administrative Manager and Assessment Coordinator- Counseling Services

Pratt Institute Pastoral Services (call 718.636.3422)

Pastoral Counselors 

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein
Father Richard Bretone


If someone you know has experienced sexual harassment or assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, there are ways to learn how you can help. You can speak confidentially with someone to learn about your options and decide a course of action by contacting the Pratt Health and Counseling Office at 718.399.4542.

You can also file a report with university through a Title IX Coordinator, Judith-Faith Williams Cadet, Ph.D., Director of Special Projects and Title IX Coordinator at or or by calling the students affairs office at 718.636.3639.