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Summer Housing

Summer 2022 Limited Housing at Pratt Institute

All Summer 2022 Housing Applicants Please Note:  Our Summer Housing is extremely limited.   You must meet, and maintain, our registration requirement to apply for an assignment, and to remain in housing for the full 10 week Summer Sessions.

We also have extensive renovation plans for Willoughby Hall, Summer floors included (not in occupied spaces, but on occupied floors and above).  See below for more details.

Please review all the information and requirements on this page, and plan accordingly.

We are continuing our current Pratt Covid protocols this Summer, including our Campus Social Contract, and Covid Vaccination and Booster requirements.  Please review and complete them here, as needed:   

Summer 2022 students new to Pratt:  You cannot receive a Summer 2022 Housing assignment prior to completing our campus Covid requirements.

Current Spring 2022 residents have already completed these requirements, and will not need to re-submit them for Summer 2022.

Summer 2022 Housing is available ONLY for students that are registered, and remain registered, for in-person class, at Pratt for the full 10 week Summer Sessions, and that are able to move in on May 22, 2022.  (Remote/virtual Summer classes do NOT qualify for Summer 2022 Housing.)

Current Spring 2022 Residents Please Note: You can remain in your Spring 2022 room until your Summer room is ready (you do NOT need to Move Out by May 11th, the end of the Spring 2022 semester), AND you must move to your Summer Housing assignment in the timeframe we provide, most likely between May 13th and May 22nd.  Please plan accordingly.

Pratt Summer 2022 students registered for a zero-credit internship can apply for Summer Housing. Pratt’s Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) has resources to assist you in finding an internship and registering for an internship over the Summer.  (You can email them with questions at

Students with a Summer off campus job only (no full Summer registration too), or a Summer on campus job only (no full Summer registration too), or students who have an internship without Summer registration, are NOT eligible to apply for Summer Housing.

Summer 2022 assigned students that are new to campus (without a current Spring 2022 assignment) must move into Summer Housing at the start of our Summer Sessions, on Sunday, May 22, 2022, ONLY.  We are not able to accommodate Summer Housing move in after the start of our Summer Sessions. 

If your Summer registration is for a four or six week Summer Session beginning in June or July, you do not qualify for Summer Housing.

Summer residents will be assigned ONLY to specific floors in Willoughby Residence Hall, and all Summer residents are required to live on these floors.  No other halls or floors are available for Summer 2022.

At this time, Summer Floors are ONLY Willoughby Hall 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. (Perhaps the 5th floor, if necessary, but we cannot offer any assurances.  Best to assume it won’t be available for Summer 2022.)  

We have no designated Quiet Floors, Healthy Choices community, Gender Inclusive housing, or Graduate student housing available for Summer.  (Gender Inclusive housing may be available, space permitting, upon mutual request; Graduate students will be assigned with Undergraduate students.)

You can view our Willoughby Residence Hall information and images here:

More About Our Summer 2022 Renovation Plans:  We have extensive renovation plans for Willoughby Hall, including on our Summer Housing floors (not in occupied spaces, but on occupied floors, and the floors above).  Renovation work will begin at the start of the Summer Sessions, and may continue into early August.  

It will take place each weekday, and possibly on weekends too, from approximately 8:30AM to 5:00PM, and  involve loud and dusty work, like demolition, construction, and consistent contractor traffic in our lobby, elevators, and hallways, throughout the Summer.  

Please factor our Willoughby Hall renovation plans, and the disruptions they may cause for Summer residents, into your decision to apply for Summer 2022 Housing.

Our online Summer Housing Application will be available beginning Friday, March 25th here: 

Login with your Pratt OneKey and use the “22/SU” link (towards the bottom of the page) to complete your online housing application. 

A Housing Deposit of $50 is required to complete your Summer Housing application.  

You can pay your Housing Deposit at Use the “Residence Life (Summer)” deposit option in the pulldown menu towards the bottom of the page, and then the “Summer” or “22/SU” option.

Summer assignments are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

If and when possible, we will work to factor current Spring 2022 and/or future Fall 2022 housing assignments into our Summer assignment process.

The priority deadline to apply for Summer 2022 Housing is Friday, April 29, 2022.  

We may complete more Summer assignments after April 29th, but we will no longer be able to factor in current Spring 2022 and future Fall 2022 housing assignments.

The sooner you pay your Summer Housing Deposit and complete your online application as per above, the more likely it is we’ll be able to accommodate your housing preferences (or for Summer housing at all).

Summer assignment emails will be sent on/around May 1st.  

For applications submitted after May 1st (if our Summer Housing application process is still available), assignments will be emailed in 48 to 72 hours.

Summer 2022 Housing Dates

New Student Summer Housing Move In is Sunday, May 22nd.  (Current Spring 2022 residents will likely be required to transition to Summer Housing assignments between May 13th and May 22nd.)

Summer Housing Move Out ends Saturday, July 30, 2022, at the latest (unless transitions to a Fall 2022 housing assignment are taking place shortly before or after this date).

The latest any Summer resident can stay without a Fall 2022 housing assignment is Saturday, July 30, 2022. This is true no matter what Summer program you are in, or how long your program extends past our July 30, 2022, Summer Move Out Deadline.

If you have a class through the end of the Summer Sessions, AND also a Fall 2022 assignment, then you may be able to transition from Summer to Fall housing in the timeframe we are able to provide.

If you cannot transition from Summer Housing to Fall Housing in the necessary timeframe, you will have to move out completely, and you can return for Fall 2022 housing with your fellow returning students in late August.

For current Spring 2022 residents who apply for Summer Housing:  Spring residents may remain in their Spring spaces until your Summer room is ready for occupancy, and must transition to their Summer assignment as soon as it is available.  

Summer 2022 Room Rates

One Summer Housing rent fee will appear on the student’s Summer 2022 Student Account at Pratt Institute, based on assigned room type, for the full 10 week Summer Sessions, as listed below.

We are unable to provide any prorated Summer 2022 Housing.  If you do not stay in Summer Housing for the full 10 weeks of our Summer Sessions, we cannot refund part of your Summer Housing fee – You will still be responsible for the full 10 week Summer rent fee. Please plan accordingly.

Summer Housing Room Types:

 10 Weeks:
Willoughby Triple Room, 3 Students 1 Space  $2090
Willoughby Double Room, 2 Students 1 Space $2570
Willoughby Private Single, Shared BathroomWilloughby Private Single with Private Bathroom$3690$3990

Summer Housing Cancellation Penalty and Refund Schedule

Cancellations received and approved by Residential Life and Housing will have penalties as per the dates below. 

Unassigned applications will have a two-week grace period from the date of the application to cancel and receive a full refund of the $50 Summer Housing deposit.

Summer student Move In dates vary, and will be determined by the requested housing dates indicated in the completed summer housing application.

Cancellations 14 to 8 days before Move In date:$50 Penalty
7 days before to 1 day after Move In date:$250 Penalty
2 days to 7 days after Move In date:$500 Penalty
More than 7 days after Move In date:100% Penalty